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Comic Book Super Heroes Forum / Super Heroes / Superhero Videos & Trailers / 10 Fan Films Better Than Big Budget Blockbusters is the place to find great original stories and art as well as all the latest major superhero movie news.
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10 Fan Films Better Than Big Budget Blockbusters
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Posted:  16 Sep 2016 14:56
10 Fan Films Better Than Big Budget Blockbusters

Passion, dedication, and barely enough money to buy a used sofa on Craigslist: these are the things fan films are made of. Let's recognize the hard work and talent that went into some of the best ones...

Batman Versus The Terminator | 0:18
Death Scene Springtrap | 0:55
Spawn: The Recall | 1:19
Our RoboCop Remake | 1:57
Dirty Laundry | 2:24
Batman: Dead End | 2:49
Severus Snape and the Marauders | 3:11
Troops | 3:35
Power/Rangers | 4:08
Star Wars: Uncut | 4:31

Recognize any of them? My favorite from the list was Batman: Dead End that put Batman and the Predator in the same film. The Star Wars Cops parody - Troops would be my second favorite.

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