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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Time Unraveled Universe Reborn Part II 
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Time Unraveled Universe Reborn Part II
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Posted:  21 Sep 2016 20:27   Last Edited By: Tim
Continued from Time Unraveled Part I and Guardians of Liberty 1


The young Time-Rider stood before an alien robot named Max in the strange world lost beyond time and space, the Lost World. He struggled desperately to take in all of his surroundings and the strange tales told to him from this artificial intelligence that was beyond anything he could have ever imagined growing up in Tennessee.

“John Martin, you must understand time and space are much like running water. One disturbance in the stream causes other streams to flow out in various other directions. Our goal will be to get you back as close to the time that you originally landed back upon the Eldridge. Unfortunately, this will bypass many adventures that you originally had, but it is necessary.”

“What adventures?”

“Martin, let me explain. Your timeline has been interrupted and reset thousands of times. There are countless versions of you in alternate timelines and parallel worlds that have been created due in part to your trips in time and Bastian Wolfe’s constant attempts to wipe you from existence.

It becomes difficult at times to determine which timelines are parallel worlds and which ones are just offshoots of the original timelines. I recently examined one of your past timelines, where sometime after having been shot through a time warp from the Eldridge, you lived in a western town named South Fork in the late 1800's for quite some time. (Read for yourself Pilgrims!) You became an agent for the government without the use of your Time-Rider persona in others.See Time Cruisers Book

"Originally, you had lived in various times in history before returning to the Eldridge. Some of those adventures you could not recall due to the memory altering effects of the Philadelphia Experiment.

"I have discovered that Bastian Wolfe had tracked you down in many of those timelines in an attempt to murder you before your re-emergence to the Eldridge. Your involvement in the war effort was crucial to defeating the Nazis in World War II. You are only lucky that Wolfe cannot erase you by simply killing your ancestors, or just killing you as a boy.”

“Why can’t he?”

“If he went too far back, he would create an endless loop.”

“Can you explain this so that even a country boy like me can understand.”

“Let’s say, that Bastian met you shortly after you began your career as a superhero.”

“A what?”

“Bear with me John Martin. If Bastian killed you before he met you, and identified you as a threat, then he would never know to attack you. If that happened, he would never have killed you in the first place, thus creating a time loop of which you would both be trapped into forever.”

“Oh boy.”

“Unfortunately, we can’t say with any great sense of assurance when Bastian Wolfe became aware of you and your future destiny. All we can know is what happened previously in other timelines.”

“So what’s the plan, again, Max?”

“I will once again take the form of a vehicle in which you must use to channel your time travel abilities into. By itself, the vehicle in question could be used as a time machine, but its energy source would easily run out.  I could lose consciousness and suffer data loss without your added boost. My time machine form, a vehicle from your future time of 1957, will also allow you to take others through time if necessary.”

“Sounds ok, but where are we going first?”

“We will go back to November 3, 1943, just a couple of days after the Philadelphia Experiment, where, at a local diner, you’ll meet a certain waitress that is destined to change your life.”


“But didn’t you say, I originally came back to the Eldridge? Isn’t that where I should go first?”

“Negative, John Martin. Bastian Wolfe will likely be waiting for you and kill you before you knew what hit you. According to my calculations, there will be ramifications to your timeline once more, but it is the only way to bring back ATTA the American Time Travel Association of which you will become a valued leader. It’s also the only way to make sure your family exists in the future. Many of your descendants will contribute to protecting truth, justice, and the American way of life to countless generations. Hopefully, your fellow superheroes in the SDL will remember you once more, those that haven't been altered too radically that is.

As of now, there is an elder version of yourself in the year 2016 where he no longer exists. Your family has been erased, and I fear if we do not hurry Bastian Wolfe’s involvement in World War II will lead to yet another time wave that will leave America and the world in the clutches of the Nazis for all time. If one timeline falls to the Nazis it could become a domino effect that leads to every timeline and parallel world in the space-time continuum to also fall into Hitler’s grasp.”

“Ok, you sold me. Lets go pal.”

“One more thing. This will be my first trip through time, Time-Rider. Getting through the Lost World back into your reality has a high likelihood of disintegrating us from existence. But fear not, there is a 45 percent chance of survival.”

“Whose afraid? That’s better odds than I thought I had just surviving the Navy during wartime. Let’s roll.”

More to come!

Want to follow John Martin's other adventures in time? Check out Time Cruisers and The Man from Nowhere available at Amazon now!

Posted:  22 Sep 2016 03:35
cool so he's trying to reset his timeline? Wonder if it is possible?
Posted:  22 Sep 2016 14:23
I like using time travel as an excuse to maybe change characters around a bit. Look for some updated characters later in the coming weeks and months, if all goes well. If my brain works that is.
Posted:  04 Oct 2016 01:18
This is really good! It allows for several familiar Time-Riders to exist (at least for now).
Posted:  13 Oct 2016 00:13
Time-Rider Reborn #1 for the next installment!

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