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Free on Kindle for 5 Days - The Man from Nowhere!
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Posted:  28 Sep 2016 15:55   Last Edited By: Tim
I have scheduled on Amazon a free Kindle edition book giveaway September 29, 2016 through October 3, 2016 for my book, The Man from Nowhere. All I ask is that if you download it for free, please consider writing a nice honest review on Amazon.

If you have any majorly negative feelings about the book then email me instead at

Reviews are the only way a book really has a chance to get noticed on Amazon, so if you enjoy the book please help by writing that review. You can get it on the book's Amazon page here!

If you want to buy it later on, I certainly won't complain. There's also a paperback version available as well. Apparently, if you belong to kindle unlimited you can read the book anytime for free. They pay author's so much per page view I believe in those instances.

Book Details

Amazon Book Page    Amazon Author's Page


Book Description

A man appeared from nowhere near the small out west town of South Fork in the 1800’s, and quickly became the town’s trusted sheriff. His speed with a gun was greater than what any of the locals had ever seen before. If only he could remember who he was and where he came from,he might have a chance against the man every bit as fast with a gun as he is that wants him dead and doesn’t care who he has to kill to do it.

Famous American historical figures Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp play a part in the mystery and wild west action. Will they help the sheriff or just try to kill him?

A hero with no name, unsolvable mysteries that don’t add up, gunslingers without mercy that seemingly defy the laws of nature. What secrets lie in South Fork? Will those secrets destroy the town? Do those secrets threaten the future of the world? It’s a wild and crazy, weird western adventure that goes where no other western has gone before. Until now!


Thanks for your support!
Posted:  29 Sep 2016 05:07

I'll definitely check it out.
Posted:  30 Sep 2016 01:13
Paperback coming but I did get the digital copy too so I can for sure leave a review.
Posted:  03 Oct 2016 17:04
Lots of downloads happening over the last few days. Thanks to everyone that has downloaded, or bought a physical copy of the book. Please write a review for "The Man from Nowhere" on Amazon as reviews are critical to a book's success.

Thanks again, you all!
Posted:  06 Oct 2016 19:56
Finally able to read it today. It was shorter than the first but I liked it better. I think it was because you focused on John instead of trying to follow a whole group of characters. Left a review on Amazon today as well. Looks like I was the first one. So I will say for everyone else, please leave reviews!
Posted:  06 Oct 2016 21:41   Last Edited By: Tim
Thanks a bunch MA! I'm glad you liked it. The fact you liked it better than my first one is even better. I have to admit trying to keep a lot of characters straight in my head as I'm writing is difficult. It is better for me to stick with a smaller cast of characters and put the most focus on one character. It's easy to get lost at who is where at any given point in a story.

Thanks for writing a review. Reviews are like gold on Amazon. You can't have a successful book without them.

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