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Time-Rider Reborn 1
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Posted:  12 Oct 2016 17:46   Last Edited By: Tim
Continued from Time Unraveled Universe Reborn Part II

I've been called a hero, for decades, now. Today, I'm more like someone else's shadow. I can feel myself aging faster, and I have this feeling in my gut that I'm being pulled away somewhere. There are new memories coming to me now. I have a feeling down deep inside that time is correcting itself.

It was so bizarre yesterday when I walked into SDL headquarters and saw myself talking to Captain Freedom. I walked away, never said a word. Somehow, I just knew I didn't belong anymore.

I can sense that Jill is back home with the grandkids. I miss her, and yet, I feel like I'm standing right in front of her.

I knew in my heart I couldn't go back home so I drove out west to a town called South Fork. The town is split between the old and the new. The old part of town is now a tourist attraction, while the new is modern and bustling with wall to wall traffic. The old part of town lies in the outskirts, at the end of the town, it almost looks like it did more than a hundred years ago. It's dusty, there are mountainous regions in the background, it feels like I'm stepping backward in time just being here.


I don't know why I felt so compelled to come here. A feeling of deja vu overwhelms me. I walked the streets for a while, not a lot of traffic here in this part of town. There's a fat man standing outside of a restaurant called Emma's. "Morning sir," he said all the while smiling from ear to ear.

"Hello, what's the story on this place, on this town for that matter?" I asked.

"Well, sir, this is Emma's restaurant, it used to be a saloon years and years ago. They say the original owner was killed during a gunfight. She just happened to be caught in the middle of it. My great great grandfather actually took up ownership after that. Believe it or not, his name was Sam Hill, as in what the Sam Hill. They say he hated that old phrase. I've got lots of photos inside from South Fork's early days. It's really interesting if you are into history. We've even got a pistol reported to have been fired by the town's famous sheriff, John Gunn."

"I guess, I'll step in and take a look around."

"Great, I'll be in as soon as I finish my cigarette, " said the fat man.

The restaurant was a pretty good sized one for this area of town. It had a western look to it from top to bottom. I felt drawn to the far corner away from the front door. There was the gun, the fat man had told me about along with a whole wall of black and white photographs.

And then, there it was staring me in the face. It looked like me, a younger me. I had no memory of ever having even been in this town, but there I was holding a rifle with a deputy on one side and a pretty lady on the other side. She was blond, thin, but shapely. Her face was almost angelic and I felt a pull in my heart from way deep inside. I've never felt that for any woman other than Jill. I don't understand this feeling at all. My heart started to pound. My head ached as if my subconscious mind was now suddenly fighting to recover memories of my lost days of youth.

Up behind me walked the fat man that I had met outside. "Can you tell me more about this sheriff?" I asked.
"Sure can. They say he had amnesia when he first came to town. They also say he had the fastest gun in the west. Nobody ever outdrew him the entire time he was sheriff of South Fork. If wasn't for him South Fork would probably not be here today. Yes, sir, he was right up there with Wyatt Earp and Bill Hickock. I've got a book on part of the town's history, if you'd like to buy one."

"I guess, I might take you up on that, but first, can you tell me about this woman in the picture here?"

He had a strange look on his face for a second. I don't know if it was my question or just my imagination. "That was Rachel Jones, the sheriff and her were..."

But before he could finish his sentence a man with a gun ordered the cashier lady to hand over all her money. The fat man appeared to panic, and I just didn't feel anything, to be honest at that point, except annoyance at having my conversation interrupted.

I walked up to the robber and asked him point blank, "Is there something I can do for you, young man?"

"Yeah, you can beat it old man." He hesitated for a second and then pointed the gun at me. "After you hand over your wallet."

"I don't have any money, not that I can let you have, anyway."

"You're pretty brave for an old coot."

"And you're pretty dumb, mister."

With that, I reached for his gun as I've done a million times before. Every one, in almost every situation I ever needed it, I had the power of time on my side. I should have had the gun in my hand in between heart beats, but this time, it was not to be. The young robber had squeezed the trigger before I could grab the gun from his hand. He panicked and ran out the door. I thanked God for that favor. At least the people inside Emmma's restaurant would not be harmed.

The fat man knelt down and tried to hold me up."Call 911, Laura. Hurry. I think he's dying."

I looked at the man. His face told me that I was dying, that my time on earth was done. So strange seeing that look in someone else's eyes.

"Mister, tell me about the woman in the picture, Rachel Jones, did she and..."

But that was the last words I ever spoke.

"Laura, Oh my Lord, he just disappeared. He disappeared right in front of me."


Back in Shadow Town, TN John Martin woke up from a nightmare sweating pouring down from his brow.

"Man, that will teach me to never take a nap in the middle of the day."

Jill walked in to see what the noise was all about. "You okay honey."

"Yes dear, I just had the strangest dream. It seemed so real. I was so much older, almost as old as I should be, by rights, and then...well...let's just say it didn't end well." 

"You know John, I've always wondered if dreams sometimes are just shadows of lives we might have lived before."

"Give me a break, sweetie. A dreams a dream right?" 


If you'd like to find out more about South Fork and Sheriff Gunn then read the latest Time Cruisers Volume II book, The Man from Nowhere available at Amazon now.


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Posted:  12 Oct 2016 18:43
Hmm so is the new Time Rider remembering a previous timeline in his dreams?

Nice story Tim
Posted:  12 Oct 2016 19:12
Thanks MA.

The old TR was in the process of joining with the new timeline version of TR, but before he completely faded away, he was drawn to South Fork to a totally forgotten period of his life, until now.

In the book three that I've been working on, it's revealed that Martin has lived entire lives in various times that he's completely forgotten about. Right after the Philadelphia Experiment he was shot into different times for varying time frames, each time he was sent to another time he rebooted physically and mentally. Present day Martin no longer has this as an issue as long as he uses a time machine to travel through time.

Eventually, superhero Martin and Agent Martin from the book series may begin to merge a lot more as time goes by. They are different Martins, with different pasts, but there are points where they are a lot alike. Kind of like Earth 2 Superman and Earth 1 Superman.
Posted:  13 Oct 2016 00:11
*Updated I added the link to the last story that leads up to this one at the top.   Can't believe I forgot to do that.

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