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Time-Rider Reborn 2
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Posted:  15 Nov 2016 19:21   Last Edited By: Tim
The 60's were a remarkable decade divided between old-fashioned love of God,country, mom, and apple pie, and the new counter culture movement that threatened to divide the nation with its drugs, protests, and relative lack of personal hygiene. Television was bigger than ever. Color TV was the next big thing. Who didn't watch Bonanza, Lost in Space, The Monkees, and Batman in glorious color in those days? The music was never better with the Beach Boys rocking the charts and Elvis hitting it big with his movie soundtracks and comeback special.

The space age was upon us. Children dreamed of one day visiting other planets and riding in flying cars thanks to the science fiction they saw on TV and read in comic books. Nothing seemed impossible, and yet there were harsh realities as well such as the Vietnam War, and many other growing pains associated with the civil rights movement that America faced.

Unfortunately, the decade was also marked by assassinations, one of which was a young President who dared us all to go to the moon. Americans accepted his challenge and dared to dream the impossible. Through the miracle of television, the entire world watched Apollo 11 launch by a Saturn V rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, on July 16, 1969.

Somewhere on Cocoa Beach, Florida, two mysterious figures stepped out of nowhere. One of the men was named Bastian Wolfe, whose face was covered by a hood. The other was a man with a strange mustache and hair parted to the side, a man dressed in a German military uniform that history recorded as a mass murderer, a man of pure evil, a madman named Adolf Hitler.


The hooded figure pointed his finger to the sky as a rocket blasted off in the distance.

"Look, Mein Führer, see what the Americans will accomplish using our own rocket technology. Our very own traitorous Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun will enable the Americans to land on the moon."

"The moon, surely this is not possible!" said Hitler.

"Yes, Mein Führer it is. It will be recorded history."

"Germany has fallen in our time, and the Americans go on to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Surely, this is a nightmare! Wernher must die."

"Mein Führer, that was exactly my thoughts as well, but let us kill him at a point in time that will deny the Americans their precious trip to the moon."

"No, I don't care if the Americans step on the moon. I want them destroyed. I want the Americans to be erased from history. Think of it Bastian. It is but simplicity itself, we will go back in time and stop America from ever having been founded, and then nothing will have stood in the way of the 1,000 Year Reich. There will be no one to challenge us!


In the year 2016 at the deep underground headquarters of ATTA (American Time Travel Association) located beneath Area 51, an alarm went off signaling that a time anomaly had occurred. Men and women scrambled amidst gigantic computer screens and computers powerful enough to calculate the trillions of probabilities that even a mere pebble landing on a pond in the middle of history might create.

General Kasich picked up a phone and demanded, "Bring me the Time-Rider! Bastian Wolfe is at it again!"


Bookmark this site for more of the continuing adventures of John Martin the Time-Rider, and don't forget the book adventures of Agent John Martin in the Time Cruisers series. The latest is The Man from Nowhere

And don't forget to check out the first Time Cruisers if you haven't already!
Posted:  16 Nov 2016 02:24
Oh no can Bastian Wolfe and Hitler really destroy America before its founded?
Posted:  18 Nov 2016 00:31
Very interesting set-up! 

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