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Chrono Chronicles (Full Circle)
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Posted:  16 Nov 2016 06:18   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
King Horus and Luminary agreed to put a stop to the Chrononauts’ plans. The Osirians would transport them to Earth on scout ships but the trip would take 3 years. The team of 8 would be placed in cryo sleep for the journey back to the Milky Way and Oberon Station.

Three years later…as seen in (Change of Plans)

Oberon Station Voice System:

{Alien ships approaching Earth. Plotting intercept course.}

“This space station can move?” The Rook asked surprised

“Of course it can, it's not very maneuverable but it can move across space to reposition itself when needed” Chrononaut 005 responded.

The station lurched forward at a snail’s pace as the unlikely team of heroes prepared for battle against whatever extraterrestrials emerged. Something felt off about the approaching ships and the Chrononauts became apprehensive as the readouts confirmed they had miscalculated.

“It appears as though it is neither the Urukai/Cerulean war or the Nethervoiders that are approaching us” Chrononaut 002 said alarmed.

“What do you mean?” Luminary questioned this time “you said it was an almost certainty that the Nethervoiders were to blame.”

“We failed to take into account the Osirians” Chrononaut 002 replied “they are a bird-like race of killers who want nothing more than to devour all other species.”

“By devour you don’t mean?” Osprey asked this time.

“They will literally tear you limb from limb and feed on your corpses” Chrononaut 006 said walking into the war room.

In space a long winged spaceship with a beak like cockpit came into view outside Oberon Station. It was a scout ship sent ahead of the main fleet to prepare the Earth for the Osirian king's arrival. They fired upon the space station without delay. The explosions causing those on board to loose balance and tumble to the cold sterile floors. The Chrononauts worked together to stabilize the ship and fired its own weapons in response. As a plasma bolt clipped the Osirian ships wing a transmission was received.

{We are here on behalf of King Horus the Hawk. You will surrender yourselves to us and refrain from interfering with our conquest of your world.}

Suddenly out of thin air a woman wearing chrome with a body seemingly made up of fluctuating energy appeared out of nowhere “the Osirians cannot be beaten here. You must come with me if you wish to survive this encounter” she said ominously.

On board the Osirian scout ship…

“Huh-mans it is time to wake up” the bird scout said as he activated the wake-up protocols “the ruse worked. Your doppelgangers have left with the Time-Lord. It seems like they have only left four or five Chrononauts behind on station.”

“So we have come full circle” Seamus said thoughtful.

“Alright team let’s capture the Chrononauts and stop their plans” Luminary ordered the team as the scout ship dodged incoming fire from Oberon-Station.

“I can fly over there using my energy barrier to protect me in space” Maverick said “I’ll go over and open the hanger.”

Without waiting for the go ahead he entered the airlock of the ship and then stepped through the outer door to space. Surrounded by an energy barrier and propelled by his rocket boots he flew over to Oberon-Station as the Osirian ship kept the Chrononauts busy. As he flew over his shield failed. Maverick braced himself for the horrifying death that he was sure would await him. He held his breath and counted the seconds in his head. But after two minutes death had not come.

With no time to think about what that meant he made his way to a maintenance hatch and blasted a hole in the door. As soon as he flew through it another door slid into place to cover the hole. Once inside he made his way to the hangar bay and used the manual override to open the bay doors. The scout ship flew into the station and the remaining team members disembarked quickly. Osprey, the Rook, Krusader, Kid Colt, the Augmented Man, Edge, and Luminary regrouped with Maverick. The Osirian scout disappeared down a corridor without a word.

Luminary led her team towards the control room. Once they arrived they found the four Chrononauts and swiftly surrounded them. The time travelers were not sure what was going on and one of them spoke up.

“You were not successful the scout ship attacked us. Where is Time-Lord?”

“There were...complications” Luminary told them “ the Osirians were ready for us. Time-Lord through us through a portal back to this moment but she didn’t come through with us.”

The Chrononauts sent a coded frequency through all the channels of the time stream in hopes of reaching Time-Lord. While they waited for a reply the team of heroes moved to different positions in the room to make sure none got out. Suddenly a flash of light appeared in the middle of the room and Time-Lord appeared.

“Why was I summoned back? The heroes were left behind on Osiris. There’s no telling what might befall them until my return.”

“Sorry Time-Lord” Kid Colt said training his revolver on her.

“What is this?”

“It was your fault the Osirians learned about Earth. They were never planning on attacking us. You must have known that when you recruited us. So what was the real plan?”

“The Osirians would have conquered Earth eventually had we not enacted a plan to wipe them out” Time-Lord defended the Chrononauts actions.

“You cannot condemn an entire species for something they haven’t done yet” the Augmented Man countered “it’s one thing to prepare for them and fight them when they arrive but another altogether to wipe them out before they even thought about attacking us.”

“You agreed to go with us. It is time for you to back down and let me take you back to Osiris to end this. Otherwise I can send you all tumbling through the time stream with no hope of ever returning to your own times.”

Suddenly Time-Lord’s body began to spasm as she collapsed as 10,000 volts coursed through her body. Seamus had come up behind her and hit her with an EMP blast from his arm cannon. The other Chrononauts started to move but Krusader and Edge moved to block them. Osprey and Rook readied for a fight while Maverick stood watch with Luminary.

“You will send us all back to our times and then dismantle this entire station” Luminary told the Chrononauts “and to ensure you do that we will be taking Time-Lord with us.”

“We cannot send you back. There are timelocks in place.”

“What are timelocks?”

We cannot interfere with a place or moment in time that we previously interacted with. From the moment we took you from your homes there was no going back. This mission was to end in your success or death. If you succeeded we were to offer you an alternative destination where your particular talents could be put to use.”

“What alternative?”

“An alternate Earth. Currently you reside on what we designate as Earth M-2. We can deposit you on Earth V, Omega-Earth, Earth Alpha, or Darkforce Earth. Whichever place we put you any counterparts you may have had in that dimension will cease to exist.”

“We can’t just let them destroy the lives of our alternate selves” Osprey argued.

“There is one more alternative. Your counterparts on SU Prime Earth are currently in flux from what has been designated as the Repopulation Event. This event was caused by a being known as Kallous and has left gaps on SU Prime that you can fill.”

“We started this together” Luminary said “whatever we decide it needs to be unanimous.”

“I for one am with you” Maverick agreed.

“What about the times we leave behind?” Karnak asked “I cannot leave and allow demons to succeed in taking the Holy Land.”

“Your timeline will not fall just because you are not there. Humanity will recover from your absence and new heroes will take your places.”

“Let’s do this” Seamus said “why not?”

“Agreed, there are vampires everywhere that I can fight” Edge added.

Osprey, Rook, and Kid Colt all nodded approval as well. And with that the Chrononauts opened the dimensional gateway to SU Prime Earth, the year 2017…

January, 2017…Superhuman Defense League Prime Hall…

Time-Rider stands before a group of 8 heroes. As soon as the ATTA detected the time anomaly he intercepted them stepping through a gateway with a prisoner in tow. Their leader, Luminary, told him a fantastic story that was almost impossible to believe. But the Time-Lord that was now locked up in the holding cells gave credibility to her claims.

“Let’s start again” TR said “you are Luminary but not the Luminary I know? You came from an alternate past where you fought in the Great War. You were recruited by a group of Chrononauts along with these other 7 individuals and sent on a mission to Osiris to fight a race of bird people?”

“Essentially yes” Luminary replied “I know it is hard to fathom but I am telling the truth.”

“I believe you” Time-Rider replied “there’s something in your voice and your eyes that means what you say. I have spent a long time learning to read people so I am pretty good at detecting a lie.”

“What will you do with us?” Seamus asked.

“You are all free to go, build lives here, but if you wish to operate as heroes you will do so under SDL watch. Maverick please stick around a bit.”

Everyone else left and Time-Rider walked Maverick down to the lab “there’s an irregularity with your bio-scan” he told the future soldier “I want our doctors to run some tests if that's alright.”

“There’s no need” Maverick replied “I figured it out myself back on Oberon-Station. I am not human. I am an android. That is why your bio-scan was off. My mind contains memories of multiple warriors and other important figures. I believe I was build to preserve knowledge in my time as an alien race called the T’Sari enslaved humanity.”
Posted:  16 Nov 2016 15:04
Very cool way to integrate the heroes back!

“They will literally tear you limb from limb and feed on your corpses”
Yikes that sounds painful!
Posted:  18 Nov 2016 00:40
Your counterparts on SU Prime Earth are currently in flux from what has been designated as the Repopulation Event. This event was caused by a being known as Kallous and has left gaps on SU Prime that you can fill.
....Interesting option.

I am not human. I am an android.

Wonder how they'd have done on the Darkforce Earth?

Glad the heroes are "back". 

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