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Stormblade (Prologue)
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Posted:  29 Nov 2016 19:27   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Another attempt at writing a fantasy themed story. Some of the characters are the same from previous unfinished works so this is another attempt at novel writing. This is just the prologue so far. What do you guys think?

The mountain shook violently causing the tribe at it’s base to run in terror as fire rained down upon them. One woman was carrying seven bundles of swaddling blankets and one slipped from her grasp. She would be several leagues away before she realized what had happened. The bundle grunted as it hit the ground and squirmed until a small green infant broke free. The babe sat up and stared as fiery volcanic rock hit the ground all around it. The child did not cry out. It merely watched in fascination as the mountain continued to rumble and spew forth hot lava. By some miracle once it became silent the child was still unharmed.

Two days passed as the infant sat alone and hungry. Then galloping hooves could be heard coming upon the child fast. Men wearing Ō-yoroi armour and wearing daishō, katana and wakizashi, in sashs at their waist encircled the green infant. The babe sat and watched in wonder as the circle then parted allowing a dismounted man to enter. The man wore no helmet or armour, only a kimono and his own daishō. The man’s long hair was jet black and pulled up in a chonmage or topknot.

The man knelt down and lifted the infant into his arms “what happened to your clan little one?” the man asked not expecting an answer.

“Lord, pray stand back and allow us to dispose of this monstrosity” one of the samurai on horseback advised.

“No T’surugi-san. This child can do us no harm. Though his race be savages they can be taught the way of bushido.”

“But Lord Tosaka you cannot expect…” the samurai trailed off as his liege lord raised a hand.

“Do not forget yourself T’surugi. You are my general but I am the master here.”

“Yes my liege. I beg your forgiveness. Shall I commit seppuku at once?”

Lord Tosaka shook his head “no, I will not allow such a promising warrior to take the easy way out. You will not die this day. You will live and work hard to regain your honor in other ways.”

The samurai master took a small rune on a thong tied around the child’s neck and pocketed it for further inspection. Then he handed the child off to a young maiden who rode with her sisters behind the soldiers “take care of this little one Kagome-sama.”

Kagome bowed and accepted the child “yes father I will treat him as if he were my own.”

With that the samurai lord mounted his own steed and the small force continued riding east towards their own lands. Having just come from a skirmish to the west they were eager to return home for some much needed rest. Lord Tosaka was concerned for the foundling and wondered what became of his orc tribe.

A powerful shapechanger approached the throne of the Darque King in the guise of a purple skinned elven female wearing nothing but a wicked smile. She knelt at his feet and bowed as was expected. Then with palms face up she materialized an ebony blade made from volcanic rock.

“As requested my king” she said “a blade forged from the fires of Mount Rendark.”

The Darque King scratched his bony chin with equally bony fingers and smiled a toothless smile “you have done well my dear. I will not forget this service.”

His fingers reached out and gripped the handle of the two-handed longsword. Raising it up high he took the shapechanger’s head with one stroke. Her purple body convulsed wildly and began changing shapes rapidly as she no longer controlled her powers. The now bloodied sword of the Darque King absorbed the power from her dying body and glowed faintly as runes were etched into the blade.

“I dub this sword Shadowmark” the Darque King declared “the blade that will enslave a thousand souls!”

In the castle of Aghramar, the High King of North March, Garrett regaled visiting dignitaries with tales of his heroic exploits. Hearty laughter filled the great hall as Lord Raynar of the Barbaros Isles chuckled with all his might as his bodyguard Talia stood watch at his back. The Elven ambassador Priestess Kiara sat next to him in thoughtful silence. The Lyzar and Catasagi delegations sat on the opposite side of the long table eyeing everyone suspiciously for they were not used to trusting those outside their respective races.

Suddenly Priestess Kiara tumbled from her chair as if faint. Servants rushed over to help her back to her seat and all eyes turned to the elven seer in concern for her wellbeing. She waved a hand delicately trying to fend off their questions and then her eyes went white.

In a voice much deeper than her own she spoke “the eruption of Mount Rendark has heralded a new champion and granted our greatest enemy more power. In eighteen years time darkness will spread across the land and it will be four years more before our salvation.”

Priestess Kiara’s eyes returned to their normal yellow color and she slumped as if exhausted “I am afraid I must retire for the night. King Garrett I do hope I did not spoil your evening” flanked by two of her lancer guards the priestess stumbled out of the great hall towards her quarters.

Posted:  30 Nov 2016 00:31   Last Edited By: Tim
Interesting world
Posted:  30 Nov 2016 03:45
Thanks Tim, I am going to try to weave this together with the Origin of Grymdeth story I wrote. Probably tweaking the Grymdeth one to make it fit more with this one.
Posted:  02 Dec 2016 21:30
Nice! My only issue I have is all the weird names (though I know that is common in fantasy stories) to work through.
Posted:  09 Dec 2016 23:59
Thanks Jerod, yeah with the Samurai that find the orc I tried to stick with Japanese names. Some of the others I either made up or just sounded good in my head.

I think maybe the names will get more familiar as you read through the whole story (once I finish it).

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