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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community MAC Short: "Adjustment Period" 
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MAC Short: "Adjustment Period"
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Posted:  20 Dec 2016 21:46   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
A little early but this is the follow-up to the Chrono Chronicles storyline which deposited the re-imagining of my characters on SU Prime in Jan '17.

February 2017…

Dr. Templar Jones found herself back in a laboratory after what seemed forever. She had kept her battle-form under wraps for nearly four weeks. Her current employers knew nothing about her heroic past. Which was all well and good since it happened in an alternate universe. It was time to lock up and she was meeting some of the old team for drinks at a local pub.

She walked two blocks and took the stairs down to a door with the word Flanagan’s painted on it. Seamus Flanagan had done the same thing Templar did and joined the civilian world. He owned a quiet bar frequented by off duty police officers, Superhuman Defense League members, and regular folk alike. Dr. Jones walked through the door in her black satin dress and all eyes turned towards her. Templar found she liked turning heads and spending time harmlessly flirting with the fellas.

Seamus waved to her from behind the bar and she walked over and took a stool at the end “how’s it going?”

“Plenty of business tonight Templar. Viktor, Alicia, and Ethan should be here soon.”

She nodded as she expected those three “heard anything from Karnak, Jayson, or Cole lately?”

Seamus shook his head affirmative “Maverick seems to be operating as a hero under the SDL’s jurisdiction full time. Since he’s an android he doesn’t need rest or a secret identity. Cole Turner was just one of the memories he had floating around inside his computer brain.”

Templar interrupted “I still can’t believe he’s a robot. I know your sensors had said he might be but I never thought it would turn out that way.”

“I knew something was off with him but yeah he passes as human pretty easily.”

“What about the other two?”

“Kid Colt has found a nice quiet place in Tennessee to call home and got himself elected as Sheriff of Shadow Town. The Krusader has vanished by all accounts. No one has seen him since we got here.”

Viktor VanDusen, Alicia Martin, and Ethan McKnight all entered together and made a beeline to the empty stools by Templar. They all said their hellos and each ordered a drink before settling into their routine. It was good that they were able to maintain a friendship even without the heroic adventures.

“So what’s new?” Templar asked them.

“Ethan just got selected for SWAT training and” Alicia said showing the new ring on her finger “we got engaged!”

“I am so happy for you two” Templar said meaning it “congratulations.”

Ethan nodded in thanks and took a sip of his whisky and coke. He was happy to be with his friends but he hated hanging out in public places. He preferred somewhere more private than a bar. But he had been outvoted by the group and so here he was with his fiance hanging out and drinking.

Suddenly Viktor jumped up from his stool and scanned the room with his yellow eyes “there’s one of them here. I can smell it.”

“One what?”

“Vampyre” he said reaching for the knife under his coat.

Seamus reached out and grabbed his arm “not in here. There are innocent people here.”

“Fine, I’ll be outside when you guys are ready to join me” he said leaving his knife sheathed.

“So he’s still hunting vampires?” Templar asked.

“And other monsters” Ethan replied draining the last of his drink “I’m going to go outside and keep him company” with that he gave Alicia a peck on the cheek and dropped some bills on the bar for the drinks.

Seamus pushed the money back towards him “it’s no good here. You guys always drink for free.”

Ethan left the money where it was and walked out the door. The night air hit him in a cold rush and he shivered slightly. Viktor stood nearby watching the door intently. Ethan stood beside him and the two stayed there in silence as if ready for a fight to break out.

Back inside Templar and Alicia continued to chat about their new jobs and the wedding plans. But they never let their guard down and were immediately aware when everything changed. Two men were sitting at a table talking one minute and the next one man was face down on the table with a knife sticking out of his back. The two women stood up and entered defensive stances.

Out of the shadows moved a man in gray wearing a mask over his face. Two daggers were in his hands as he lunged at the other man sitting with the first that had died. The man tumbled backwards out of his chair, his throat slit. Suddenly Templar Jones found herself shimmering in light as her battle-form took over and she merged with the alien DNA inside her.

The murderer was hit with a blinding burst of light and he shielded his eyes with sleeveless arms. The daggers fell from his grip as his arms burned. The mask ripped apart where it covered his mouth and fangs extended from beneath his lips. He leapt into the air and over Luminary’s head.


Alicia kicked him in the back as he ran towards the exit causing the vampire to stumble and fall. Seamus grabbed a sawed off shotgun from behind the bar and fired it at the downed monster. But the vampire was back on his feet in a flash and he jumped through the nearest window.

Outside Viktor and Ethan watched as the wounded vampire came crashing through the glass. The vampire hybrid drew his silver edged dagger and lunged at the gray masked vampire. Ethan reached for his stun baton as it was the only weapon he had available and joined the fray. Between him and Edge they managed to keep the vampire from fleeing as Luminary, Alicia, and Seamus joined them.

“Lord CLASH will have your heads” the wounded vampire screamed “it is by his decree that those two men inside are dead. They should never have interfered with my master’s plans.”

“CLASH exists on this world too?” Edge asked no one as he plunged his silver knife into the vampire’s heart causing the monster to turn to ash in an instant.
Posted:  21 Dec 2016 22:17
Kid Colt has found a nice quiet place in Tennessee to call home and got himself elected as Sheriff of Shadow Town.

Awesome! I got to remember that in case John Martin has dealings with the local sheriff.

Great pic!

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