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Time-Rider 4 Shadows of the Past
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Posted:  03 Jan 2017 15:31   Last Edited By: Tim
ATTA Underground Headquarter at Area 51
Time-Rider Log 5082: I'm been sitting here all day in one of ATTA's secret data access points watching footage from parallel worlds and alternate timelines. One, in particular, had caught my eye. I told myself that my research was only for deducing the next move of my mortal enemy Bastian Wolfe, but there was something else. Something drew me to this particular world that I have on the viewscreen right now.

I don't know what it is, but I almost feel...well, it's hard not to feel a connection to an alternate version of yourself. I literally see myself on the screen, but it's not really me. This version of me never put on the Time-Rider costume, at least not yet. He simply went by the title of Agent Martin. He worked for ATTA just like me and had pretty much the same kind of flying car, but there were variations in his history.

I find his adventures in a town called South Fork particularly interesting, especially how he faced those grisly ghouls led by Samuel J. Archer. Stranger yet, was the presence of Billy the Kid, after his reported shooting in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. The outlaw actually appeared to be helpful after causing chaos initially. (See Time Cruisers II)

His Cyber Jack seemed a lot more serious than mine, of course, there were different circumstances for Agent Martin and his Cyber Jack, but the extent that the two went at it. I have never seen such brutality. Jack and I have fought each other in the past, but this one took the cake.

I pray to God I don't ever have to go through what he faced in South Fork. There are limits even to a Time-Rider, and mine is...

At that moment the back door slid open with a slight whoosh.

"Log ended"


"Hi, John."

"What brings you to this neck of ATTA woods, Jack?"

"Oh, I'm prepping for my next mission. I wanted to see what we had on World 58412," said Cyber Jack.

Jack paused a moment. "I see you've been looking at alternate versions of yourself."

"Yeah, it's kind of weird, seeing yourself do things you've never done, but...Jack, let me ask you something...you don't think you and I could ever get into a fight to the death, do you, old pal?"


"On what?" I asked.

"I'm a soldier, John. It depends on my orders."

He paused for another second as his cybernetic eyes wandered the room for a second. "I doubt seriously that you'd ever present a threat to the space-time continuum. So it's highly unlikely I'd ever have to kill you."


If you want to know more about the ghostly Civil War soldiers that terrorized South Fork or the battle between Cyber Jack and Agent Martin, then you have to read Time Cruisers 3 - Shadows of the Past on sale now for a measly 1.99 on Kindle or 4.99 for the paperback edition.

Posted:  06 Jan 2017 03:29
Great way to tie it into your book Tim!
Posted:  06 Jan 2017 15:22
Posted:  09 Jan 2017 04:19

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