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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Free on Kindle April 19 - 23 Shadows of the Past 
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Free on Kindle April 19 - 23 Shadows of the Past
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Posted:  04 Jan 2017 20:23   Last Edited By: Tim
The Kindle edition of Shadows of the Past is set to go free on Amazon totally between April 19, 2017 - 23rd.


Also available in paperback

Love is supposed to be a joyful ingredient in the renewal of life and hope for the future, but one romance that started in the old west town of South Fork in the late 1800’s could spell the end of the world. It was a happy fairy tale type of love affair between the town’s lawman, John Gunn, and the lovely Rachel Jones - that is until all hell broke loose.

Phantom-like Civil War soldiers with an almost supernatural bent toward death and destruction, sent by an enemy not of Sheriff Gunn’s time, come to South Fork seeking to kill the sheriff, who has no idea why.

Unsure of his past and haunted by his future, the sheriff must make choices that will either lead to a life with his beloved Rachel or direct him to a fate worse than death, while fighting enemies and friends alike.

Can he save himself and his future bride? Is it possible for a man to beat time itself? Could the answers lie not in who John Gunn is, but who he was, and who he will be? Rachel Jones may know, but she isn’t allowed to tell.

Time travel was never this deadly.

Don't forget to read the first two Time Cruisers for even more time traveling excitement.

The Man from Nowhere

Time Cruisers I the Exodus Trap
Posted:  08 Jan 2017 14:31
I've only just started reading it but you had me crack up at the end of Chapter 3 with the couple in the car talking

Can't wait to keep reading it
Posted:  08 Jan 2017 18:29
Glad to hear it. I was channeling a little of my own experiences with that one.
Posted:  19 Apr 2017 14:02
Another free week for Shadows of the Past. Get your free copy and leave a review at Amazon, please.

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