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PhantomTech Secret Files: Dossier
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Posted:  22 Jan 2017 19:32   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
12 months ago…

“The memory alteration is complete” a scientist in a crimson lab coat spoke to the shadowy figure on the monitor.

“Good, release them into the wild” the figure replied.

“Already done mistress, already done” the scientist replied with a smile.

“Brief me on their memories again. I want to be sure you did not screw this up.”

The scientist flinched but regained his composure “of course mistress. First I will tell you about the archer. His name is Ethan McKnight. He believes that he was an orphan taken in by Inspector Hemlock Stone of Scotland Yard and that he inherited his uncle Trevor’s fortune when he turned 18. This he used to set himself up as a vigilante known as the Rook. When in actuality as you recall we financed his entire operation and gave him the weaponry he now uses.”

“Pretty basic memory alteration there. No flaws that can come back to us?”

“None, this subject’s memory was only slightly altered. He never had an uncle Trevor but otherwise his original memory is intact.”

“Good, proceed.”

The scientist brought up a profile of another person and began “Seamus Flanagan believes that he is from 100 years in the future. While investigating a break in and our European headquarters he discovered the gauntlet that changed him into an augmented human. This of course is incorrect. Seamus Flanagan is actually an alias. He is in reality Hemlock Stone, the same man who raised the Rook. However neither one of them will recognize the other. We gave him the gauntlet at the same time I altered his memory. He was also altered to believe that his bioscans of subjects would reveal Maverick to be an android. This is in keeping with the memory alterations that the other aforementioned subject will have received.”

“Next is Alicia Martin, rookie cop whose fiance was gunned down at their wedding. We needed that motivation for her to want to be a vigilante. She believes she stumbled upon her Osprey suit in one of our warehouses. However if you were to go to that warehouse now you would find it is for a fish cannery and not PhantomTech.”

“Why the murdered finance, won’t that be easily verified?”

“Not so much” the scientist replied “she did have a fiance and the connection was too strong that I could not leave him out of the memories. He did die but it was in a skydiving accident and not by a mob hit. Also we outfitted her with the suit.”

“Okay I’m skeptical but continue” the mystery woman replied.

“Alright, so you know I mentioned Maverick already. Well Air Force Captain Cole Turner actually volunteered for our experiment to gain superpowers. He was injected with nanites that granted him his abilities and also gives off a signal to any bioscans that he is an android even though he is not. He also now believes he is from the distant future and was created to house all human knowledge and defend it against alien invaders. He also believes his powers are from the various uniform pieces, gloves, boots, and belt specifically even though the nanites grant him his powers.”

“That is irresponsible DOCTOR!” the mystery woman yelled “there is a serious flaw in that programming! If he were to be injured or suffer a medical condition such as a heart attack it would be discovered he is actually still human. While they may not discover he is not from the future this is still a huge problem.”

“I...I...I did not think of that mistress. I guess it is a flaw. Should I recall him for reprogramming?”

“No that would put us behind schedule. However, if this comes back to bite us I will have your head!” she told him heatedly “now what about the last subject?”

“Ah yes, I saved the best for last. Doctor Templar Jones, one of our own employees. She currently believes that she was around for the 1947 Roswell incident. That she developed a serum from the alien’s DNA and her own that granted her powers and caused her to practically cease aging. However it was our predecessors that were there for the incident and developed the serum based on the Vektorian’s DNA. Doctor Jones, like Captain Turner, volunteered to undergo an experimental procedure to gain superpowers. She is likely the most successful of our subjects and the most powerful.”

“Good, very good, that might make up for your oversight with Maverick. I know you said you had 5 to brief me on doctor, and you have. But I initially asked for 8 test subjects. What became of the other 3?”

“You did” the scientist replied “the other 3 are not yet ready for release. We currently have in stasis, Jayson Corvidae, Viktor VanDusen, and Karnak. Once their memory alterations are complete I will contact you with the details.”

“Dr. Kolburn, you better not fail me. I want these heroes under our influence so that they will take the fight to our enemies and shape the world for the better.”

“Yes Shadow Broker, it will be  as you command.”
Posted:  23 Jan 2017 15:13
Interesting. I can't wait to see what's going on here. It's like the Twilight Zone. I wonder if all of these heroes could be programmed into believing a false origin or is there something else going on?
Posted:  01 Feb 2017 05:27
“The memory alteration is complete”

Very interesting idea having such varied memories implanted.
Also neat trick to fool Maverick into thinking he is an android.
All this lends itself to the question, "why?".

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