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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community New Brennon Book! 
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New Brennon Book!
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Posted:  25 Jan 2017 15:31   Last Edited By: Tim
Just saw on facebook that Nick has just released a brand new Brennon novel. Looks like Jerod did the cover for him. Awesome job!

Buy it at Amazon Now!

In 1544, a Celtic outcast cursed with immortality takes a journey aboard a Spanish galleon en route to the New World, where a storm leaves him stranded in the frozen waters of the Atlantic. With no one to remember the lone wanderer, an icy tomb becomes the sole monument to his legacy...

Five hundred years later, Brennon awakens from a frozen slumber in an alien place called New York City. Now he is sought by the U.S. government, hunted by the police and a target of the criminal underworld. Back against the wall, Brennon struggles to survive in a world he can't understand.

For the first time, Brennon finds himself straying from the pattern of his past, questioning his humanity and fighting a battle he may not win.
Posted:  25 Jan 2017 22:29
Thanks for putting this up, Tim. This book is the reason why I haven't been posting on SU. But hopefully 500 pages of Brennon will make up for his absence over the last couple of years.

I really hope all my friends here at SU will enjoy it!
Posted:  26 Jan 2017 00:11
No problem. I hope you sell a million copies or more.
Posted:  26 Jan 2017 15:12
I'll try and purchase it this weekend! Definitely been missing some Brennon stories
Posted:  26 Jan 2017 17:23
Thanks Midnight!
Posted:  29 Jan 2017 18:50
Ordered Kindle version.
Posted:  03 Feb 2017 23:58
Got my softcover version today:

Posted:  10 Feb 2017 15:01
Looks great!
Posted:  20 Feb 2017 22:13   Last Edited By: Tim
Got my digital copy. For everyone that doesn't' know already, you don't have to have a kindle to download kindle books. You can open it up on your computer.
Posted:  21 Feb 2017 06:45
Thanks Tim!

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