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Superhuman Defense League Mission Log: Investigate Vagrant City Sewer
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Posted:  26 Jan 2017 17:25
The soldier known as Maverick finds himself deployed to the sewers of Vagrant City. There have been reports of a giant reptilian creature living below the streets. Many write it off as just another alligator sighting. And even though every eyewitness report has varied one thing has remained consistent between them. Whatever the creature is, it walks on two legs like a man and is very, very strong. The Superhuman Defense League decided to send someone to investigate and it was Maverick’s turn on the rotation.

Maverick, who also answers to the name Cole Turner, has memories of a post apocalyptic future and alien invaders. He no longer knows which memories are his own and which are fabricated. He initially believed himself to be a human soldier. One of the last alive in the year 3155 A.D. Then, based on certain events, he discovered he was an android and finally came to terms with that knowledge. He had this “fact” corroborated by the augmented man named Seamus Flanagan and a bio-scan conducted by the one called the Time-Rider. That should have sealed the deal for him.

But something strange occurred recently that changed his perspective greatly. He got into a fight with a modern day pirate named Lord Blackstroke. The pirate wielding an energy cutlass. Which usually would have been no problem for Maverick’s own energy shield. But by a stroke of luck the cutlass was perfectly attuned to the same frequency as his barrier and so it went right through it and sliced into him. The wound caught him by surprise and let Lord Blackstroke escape. The SDL medics patched him up and determined he was in fact human.

Maverick’s energy shield has since been recalibrated to activate on a rotating frequency to prevent any other energy weapons from penetrating it. With these thoughts filling his mind Cole Turner arrived on 5th Street and dropped into the sewers at the location of the most recent sighting. He surrounded himself with his energy barrier and charged his fists with energy.

He took his time searching and found no signs of any creature, alligator or otherwise. As Maverick prepared to leave a giant leathery fist slammed into his back. The energy barrier protected him but the force of the impact sent him tumbling forward. He found himself face down in sewage and coughed uncontrollably as he forced himself back to his feet. When he turned around he came face to face with…

“A T’Sari warrior, but how?”

“I not sorry, I Grog” the creature replied through his breathing mask.

The two warriors engaged in combat with powerful punches.


They continued to trade blows in the sewer until Maverick found himself tiring. He wondered how this creature resembled the alien warriors of his false memories. Were they in fact based on this creature? As he continued to wonder the creature slammed a fist into his jaw snapping his head back. Then it turned and ran. Maverick gave chase taking the twists and turns of the sewer as fast as he could not caring he got lost.

Lost he did become and that was when he realized it was a trap set by the lizard man. He found himself in a large round chamber filled with sewage water. The creature was at home submerged in the liquid and was faster than Maverick. He swam circles around the soldier and delivered punches and kicks at his leasure. All Cole could do was struggle to block the blows as they came. His equipment was damaged and so he could not radio for assistance.

Finally Grog got tired of toying with him and wrapped him in a bear hug trying to squeeze the remaining breath from his lungs. Maverick felt the creature crushing him but he managed to shoot an energy blast straight down from his fist. The blast propelled him upwards and free of Grog’s embrace. The reptilian man swam after him but Maverick turned to face him and struck the creature with an energized fist at full strength.

The connecting punch stunned Grog allowing Maverick to escape the watery pit. Back on more solid footing Maverick surrounded himself with an energy barrier and waited for the creature. His fists were charged with ebony black energy and fury had built up inside him. Cole Turner was spoiling for a fight now and had no intention of walking away defeated.

Grog rose up before him, his own leathery fists balled, and bellowed a monstrous roar from deep down inside. He was a mutant, part man and part reptile. He was bred in a laboratory by a mysterious organization called the Shadow Society and given one task. Destroy the one called Maverick.

The two titans clashed, fist to fist. Grog headbutted Maverick breaking the man’s nose. Maverick stumbled back as blood gushed forth. He ignored the pain and kicked out with his foot connecting his heel to Grog’s kneecap. The monster bellowed in pain. Then the two were back at each other’s throats. Grog ripped and clawed with his sharp fingernails. Maverick continously upped his energy output hoping to get enough power to put the beast down. And still they fought on. For hours they fought beneath the streets while the world moved on overhead unknowing, uncaring.

It was late into the night they fought when finally Maverick was able to deliver the finishing blow. His fist connected underneath Grog’s chin and sent his breathing apparatus flying off his face. The change in atmosphere caused the creature to lose consciousness and drop to the sewer floor. Wiping his brow Maverick sighed in relief and then hoisted the creature over his shoulders so he could take him back to Superhuman Defense League Headquarters for confinement.
Posted:  26 Jan 2017 22:12
Great story and awesome image too!
Posted:  01 Feb 2017 05:32
Like Maverick's thoughts as to his confusing history.
Nice fight with Grog.

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