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How Classic 80's Movies Should Have Ended
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Posted:  03 Feb 2017 16:27   Last Edited By: Tim
What if the Terminator franchise ended with a combination with the Back to the Future trilogy?

To save the future, the Terminator must go BACK to the future!

The funny thing is, originally there were reports that Terminator Genisys would go back to the 50's. That would have been so boss, as they would have said back in the 50's. Instead they went back to the 80's for a bit which was cool, but I think they could have done some really unique stuff if they would have went back to the 50's with the Terminator.

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Last I read, James Cameron is getting the Terminator franchise back. I hope he resists the urge to go super dark or super raunchy. I heard some guy from the Deadpool movie may be involved which makes me wonder about the raunchy humor issue. I think they should mix T2 with something different, like the aforementioned trip to the 50's, or how about send a Terminator back to the old west. Now that could make for some majorly cool gunfight scenes.

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