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New Sci-Fi Twist Short Science Fiction Book!
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Posted:  14 Feb 2017 16:19   Last Edited By: Jack Legend

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Jack Legend Book Site

My new book, Sci-Fi with a Twist features short science fiction stories that tend to end with a bit of a surprise at the end. Sometimes the ending is a little more subtle and doesn't quite hit you over the head as much as others, but hopefully all of the stories will make you pause to wonder for a moment or two. My inspiration for these stories is, I imagine, the same as a lot of other science fiction writers of similar books. Shows like the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits have always been a favorite of mine. I love the anthology series of any genre, but especially in science fiction. There's something really cool about variety, not knowing where or when the next story will take you.

The Twilight Zone was at it's best during those original 30 minute episodes. If you've ever watched the fourth season, you noticed that the Zone actually had one hour long episodes for a time. Those episodes were good, but they didn't pack the same punch as the shorter stories. I've always felt that shorter stories have an advantage in delivering a bit of a shock at the end. Of course, I think they are easier to write in all honesty...much less detail to keep up with. My wife will tell you that longer stories are superior because they don't leave you hanging and you get to know the characters better. Both are true, I suppose. Maybe, my next book will be a full length novel, but in the meantime, please check out Sci-Fi with a Twist. Enjoy going where the only limits are your imagination, and please consider reviewing it after you read it. A short review means a lot to an author. One review could determine whether or not a book becomes a success or fades into obscurity.

Here's a list and a brief description of each of the stories from my new book, Sci-Fi with a Twist.

1. So this is the End - An astronaut from the 1960's wakes up in a strange future in a deserted laboratory and falls in love with a beautiful lady astronaut from the future, kept there captive by unknown entities. Can they discover where they are and when? Are they the last remnants of humanity left?

2. The Robber - An old thief goes back in time to finally obtain his much sought after big score, only to discover a family secret that could have changed his life altogether.

3. The Search for Heaven - Somewhere in outer space in an unknown time, a man named Noah searches for Heaven through a worm hole and finds the unexpected.

4. The Fastest Gun Alive -  A writer finds himself in his own story as his own wild west character. Can he survive long enough to get back home?

5. The Cave - A teenager enters a cave and emerges decades earlier running into his younger father living in the 1980's.

6. The End of Time - A group of time travelers save Abraham Lincoln, but at what cost?

7. Angel of Death - A former lawman becomes a pastor of a small church in the old west, but can't outrun his violent past. Will he have to take up his guns again or will he get a hand from above?

8. Missing - A man's daughter disappears mysteriously into thin air. Where and when will he ever find her again?

9. By the Grace of God - A home inspector has his average life turned upside down. It all starts with a seriously strange unheeded premonition.

10. From My Cold Dead Hands - A hit man has one last chance at redemption before it's too late for all eternity.

11. Invasion from Outer Space - A group of teens in the 1950's witness what appears to be an alien invasion, but what is really happening will change their lives forever.

Sci-Fi with a Twist

Short stories that will blow you away!

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