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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Jack Legend is not an Alien from Outer Space 
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Jack Legend is not an Alien from Outer Space
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Posted:  17 Feb 2017 18:09   Last Edited By: Jack Legend
Hi, I just want to put to rest all of the insane accusations that have been flying around the internet lately about yours truly.

I have not now, nor have I have ever been a member of an alien race. I am not from a parallel world or alternate timeline. It is quite frankly none of anyone's business where I'm from or when I was born. I'm just a science fiction writer. That's it. Read my new book, Sci-Fi with a Twist if you don't believe me.

Am I to be discriminated against simply because of a few suspicious individuals who hold intolerant attitudes to people of unorthodox or unknown ancestry? It's even been reported I could be a clone. Why stop there? Perhaps, I'm actually from the 25th Century. Of course, if I were from the future, I couldn't tell anybody. Think of what that knowledge could do to the space time continuum.

If I were from a distant galaxy, I certainly couldn't tell anyone, especially if I were here with world domination in mind...not that I'm admitting to such, you understand.

I mean, come on. How do you know that your neighbor isn't from another time or another place? What about that person sitting next to you in the next cubicle at work? What if they came through a time portal to escape a future gone mad? What about the old lady in front of you while you were checking out at Walmart? She looked suspicious didn't she? Nobody from Earth ever really shops at Walmart now do they, except for...maybe you.

What if those pesky machines have already taken over the world? What if the whole world is completely overridden by androids? You could be the last real human being alive on Earth right now.

I'm joking, of course. Aren't I?

Just how do we know the real world we think we live in, is all that real, after all?

Jack Legend

Posted:  17 Feb 2017 18:18   Last Edited By: Tim
I for one am not convinced. But definitely an interesting book.

Sci-Fi with a Twist

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