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Sci-Fi with a Twist - The End of Time
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Posted:  28 Feb 2017 16:33
I thought I would post a brief snippet from my new book, Sci-Fi with a Twist from the short story, "The End of Time".

A group of time travelers saves Abraham Lincoln, but at what cost?

We started with a worthy goal. We were three optimistically minded scientists, one of us an historian as well. We had approached several billionaire tech industry giants with a secret deal, a deal to change time for the better. We were obviously, young and naive, for, had we even considered the implications for even a second, we might have realized that we were handing to men who were used to using the world as their playground, power that belonged only in the hands of God. How could they not abuse it? Was not the temptation too great for even the most virtuous of men? We never realized, of course, our time machine didn’t have to reach their hands to be dangerous.

My name is Oscar Willington, my fellow time travelers were scientist, Susan Brisco, and her husband, Logan.

It took us a total of ten years from the day we had begun soliciting funds to the day we finally had created our time machine. We had such high hopes, such glorious dreams. Where to start? Should we kill Hitler as a baby? That one has floated around forever, but why, when you could simply grab the child, bring him to the future, and make sure he was raised in a loving home. Maybe our first trip should be to stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, or JFK. We could stop wars before they started, prepare thousands of farmers for oncoming droughts beforehand. Every mistake mankind had ever made, we could reverse.

To be continued

Buy the book at Amazon

There are eleven short stories in all. Most of the stories features time or space travel to some extent. There are a couple of westerns, a story of a hitman, a boy that travels to the 1980's, a preacher who needs the help of the Angel of Death, and a lot more. I grew up watching shows like the Twilight Zone, and it's been a wish of mine to see those kinds of stories made popular again. Of course, the old show is still popular in reruns, but there's nothing like it currently running on television that I'm aware of. I would love to see Sci-Fi with a Twist become adapted into television just to bring back that form of classic TV.

Hopefully, my stories will mean as much to you as they did to me writing them. I've tried to instill a bit of wonder, mystery, and fun into every story. Some may be a bit dark, but others are just the opposite, and are meant to do nothing more than put a smile on your face.

One of the things I loved about shows like the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock, and other anthology series is the unexpected. I like to be surprised and I like variety in my entertainment. Those are the type of qualities I tried to infuse into Sci-Fi with a Twist.

Please order yourself a copy at Amazon and post a review. My goal is to get 50 reviews for Sci-Fi with a Twist in a year.

Thanks and have a great day. Be careful out there, because you never know what is just over the next hill. You might find yourself a thousand years into the future or two hundred years in the past. Heck, you might even pass yourself along the way.

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