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Sci-Fi with a Twist - So, This is the End Preview
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Posted:  01 Mar 2017 20:05   Last Edited By: Jack Legend
The following is a short snippet from my new book Sci-Fi with a Twist. It's the first story entitled, "So, This is the End?"


The time was unknown to me. I had just awoken a few minutes earlier. My name is Steve Johnson, astronaut. I was feeling foggy, not quite sure of myself. The last thing I remembered was my rocket ship blasting through Earth’s atmosphere and meeting President Kennedy a few hours before that.

My current surroundings appeared to be an extensive laboratory. I had apparently been in some kind of man-sized glass tube. There were pieces of glass all over the floor where I had broken myself out. As I stood there, still waking up, I noticed that there appeared to be some sort of yellowish gas leaking out around the edges of the now broken container that I assumed I had fallen out of. Perhaps, the gas was meant to keep me unconscious. Had the Russians kidnapped me?  No, that’s crazy, I told myself.

The room was filled with huge computer-like machines of some variation or another. I’d never seen anything like it, or at least that my wobbly brain could remember at the time.  There were bright lights on the ceiling, and the room itself was as large as a gymnasium.
I saw something. “Wait a minute. What’s that? It looks like – yes, I think it is. It’s another human being in a glass tube toward the end of the room.” I began running to see who this might be.

So many thoughts were running through my mind. “It’s a girl. A woman I should say, and what a woman. Well, now what, Steve, old buddy? She’s obviously out like a light. Do I dare crack her glass prison? Would it be safe? Heaven forgive me if I caused any harm to such a beautiful creature.”

I looked around a while longer trying to find a clue as to where I was. I needed something to go on before I cracked open the tube containing my new friend, but all I saw was half-wrecked machinery and some large plastic pipes, air ducts I assumed, hanging down from the ceiling, probably there to keep the computers from overheating. I wasn’t sure how to operate the computers that I saw in this unusual laboratory. Most of the monitors were cracked anyway.

There was a door in the far-right corner. I remember thinking to myself that maybe I could find someone through there. I walked through, only to find a large hallway with more doors to other rooms all filled with more high tech equipment I’d never seen before, or at least that I recognized. There were cobwebs hanging down everywhere. The hallway was only dimly lit…not as bright as the room I just left. I saw American flags hanging down from the ceiling…photos on the walls labeled President Obama, Reagan, Trump, and others I didn’t recognize, which didn’t say much, considering my current state of mind. Then, there was a memorial plaque for all those lost during World War III.
To be continued


Sci-Fi with a Twist SU page



Buy the book at Amazon

There are eleven short stories in all. Most of the stories features time or space travel to some extent. There are a couple of westerns, a story of a hitman, a boy that travels to the 1980's, a preacher who needs the help of the Angel of Death, and a lot more.

Please order yourself a copy at Amazon and post a review. My goal is to get 50 reviews for Sci-Fi with a Twist in a year.

Thanks and have a great day. Be careful out there, because you never know what is just over the next hill. You might find yourself a thousand years into the future or two hundred years in the past. Heck, you might even pass yourself along the way.

Sci-Fi with a Twist
Posted:  02 Mar 2017 17:57
This one was a good story. I did not expect the end. Oh and by the way Jack I posted a review on Amazon.
Posted:  02 Mar 2017 18:35
Thanks a million.

Sci-Fi with a Twist

Short stories that will blow you away!

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