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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Logan Movie Review with No Spoilers 
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Comic Book Super Heroes Forum / Super Heroes / Marvel Comics / X-men / Logan Movie Review with No Spoilers is the place to find great original stories and art as well as all the latest major superhero movie news.
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Logan Movie Review with No Spoilers
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Posted:  06 Mar 2017 15:01   Last Edited By: Tim
If you want a review for Logan with no spoilers this is it. I'll do this with school grading system. I'm not a professional movie critic by any means, but this is how I see it. This is a matter of fact grading system. It's what I believe it deserves as a matter of quality, but not necessarily what I felt watching the movie. I'll explain in my next post.

A- for action. There was a good amount of action. There nothing in the movie that hasn't been done before in that regard, but it was well done.

B- for the story. It was a solid story. No doubt about that.

A+ for acting. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart deserve Oscars. Thier performances make this movie. Hugh Jackman is the reason movie Wolverine has been one of my favorite cinematic superheroes.

A for effects.

C+ for comedy relief. I didn't find very much in terms of humor in the movie. One could argue it wasn't that kind of movie.

Now if you're curious as to what I thought about the movie on a more personal note with spoilers see the Spoilers Review.

So, that's my scorecard. What's your score for Logan?

Posted:  06 Mar 2017 23:44
Going with son tomorrow. Kong Skull Island next week..............
Posted:  08 Mar 2017 14:59
So what did you think about it Jerod?

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