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Spoilers - Logan Review - Spoilers
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Posted:  06 Mar 2017 15:36   Last Edited By: Tim
Ok, as labeled at the top this review for Logan has spoilers. If you want the review without spoilers click on No Spoiler Review

**************************Last chance Spoilers**********************************

Ok, if you haven't seen it yet, this might ruin it for you. Logan dies. I can't believe they killed off Logan at the end. I might be old-fashioned, but I like my movies to adhere to one simple rule the hero never dies. If you read my No Spoiler Review you know I think the quality of the movie was outstanding overall, but killing off Wolverine was a slap in the face to me. It makes it harder to watch all the older movies just a bit. Now, everytime I watch an older X-men movie I'll keep thinking he's dead, what's the point.

It's an emotional response, not necessarily a logical one, but that's the point of movies to create emotions, but my main purpose in seeing a movie is to enjoy myself to perhaps find a bit of motivational encouragement to try a little harder or go the extra distance, or to feel like I just experienced something epic like a movie equivalent of a 4th of July fireworks celebration. These are the kinds of emotions you get when you watch a Rocky movie not the latest one as much, Karate Kid, or the original Superman Movie. Give me something that gives a little hope at the end why don't you.

That being said, Hugh Jackman delivered the best death scene performance of all time. I really thought he was dying, and his little mutant daughter about killed me when she called him Daddy for the first time. The last scene where she laid the cross down in the shape of the X was a good touch. It was as if it was saying this is the death of the X-men as a whole when Wolverine went. I'm, of course, assuming they didn't mean anything to be taken negatively toward Christianity with that scene. I like to give them the benefit of the doubt.

As a side, the tributes to the classic western Shane, which also included actual scenes from the movie being shown was neat. I guess, they wanted to cement the idea that this was a modern western of sorts. Wolverine's little girl quoted the movie at the funeral, and it was said to have been the first movie Charles Xavier saw as a child.

Here's what I would have done, had I been the producer, director, writer etc. I would have let Professor X die at the very end for the tears and emotional pull they wanted, and then let Wolverine miraculously heal just when you thought he was dead, and have him walk off into the sunset with his little girl. After, 17 years of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, it was the only logical thing to do. You don't kill a character that fans have invested so much time into following all these years, besides I felt Xavier's death was totally wasted. I hardly felt a thing when he passed. It just seemed to happen so suddenly. There wasn't any time for thought.

And for all the fanboys that begged for a rated R version, and I didn't think it was necessary. There was way too many f bombs. I know the occasional well-placed curse word can be very effective, but when it's too much it really loses something. It starts taking away from the movie. In real life, people just don't usually curse that much. Now when Wolverine's truck didn't start, that was a realistic use of foul language. I've never had car trouble yet that didn't lead to cursing. As far as the violence, I guess I sit on the fence. It wasn't bad enough to make me puke or anything. When I see over the top violence, I immediately tell myself it's only cgi. Had this been in the old days of movie making, I think it would registered in my mind like I had actually seen all that death and mutilation. There's just something in the viewer's mind, or at least my mind that usually recognizes CGI effects. It always seems less realistic to me. There's definitely a place for CGI. It helps fill in the gaps that practical effects are impossible, but it's still not as effective to me, at least. CGI is like video game animation. It's just basically drawing a cartoon and passing it off as real.

So, there's my complaints. I may be a bit schizophrenic, but on one hand, I found the movie to be of great quality, on the other hand, I hated it for killing off one of my favorite superheroes. If they wanted to make their viewers sad, then they achieved that goal very well, indeed.

So, despite what the critics say, the first Wolverine movie is still my personal favorite. It was just a lot more fun.

So what did you all think?
Posted:  23 Mar 2017 17:18
Finally saw Logan last night. Great movie, my personal favorite of the Wolverine movies with Days of Future Past being my favorite overall X-Men movie.

The girl that got to play X-23 was really good I thought. The movie itself might be the most violent superhero movie ever with all the decapitations and things.

My only real gripe with Logan is it is set in 2029 and I think Xavier would be over 100. I really liked his and Logan's back and forth though it added needed comic relief to an otherwise violent movie.
Posted:  23 Mar 2017 20:54   Last Edited By: Tim
Good catch on Xavier's age. Seems like lately I've been noticing that TV shows and movies alike are getting less and less correct factually or technically correct such as keeping up with a character's age. The X-men films have basically no continuity whatsoever at this point. I'm glad they didn't do a hard reboot though. Reboots happen way too much. Doing it within the scope of time travel or something like that is actually a pretty cool idea.

Reminds me, I was watching this new time travel show on ABC where H.G Wells is the main character. It struck me odd when a young woman, supposedly an historian, noted that, in the year they were in, 1980 at the time, that Reagan was President. Reagan won the election in 1980, but he wasn't actually President until January 1981. Don't writers know they can look up these things really easily online?

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