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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Project: Vanguard (prologue) 
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Project: Vanguard (prologue)
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Posted:  13 Mar 2017 17:02   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
A darkened room, walls lined with high tech computer equipment and monitors, a long mahogany conference table at its center. One man sits alone at its head. Other faces of multiple races and sexes appear on the monitors as they are in many locations around the globe and so they meet via videoconference.

The man at the table speaks up “we must activate the protocol.”

An Asian woman on a monitor to his left argues “but that is not wise.”

The man replies “we have no choice.”

“Think of the consequences” an African man says from a different screen on his right.

“I understand them, do you?” the man at the conference table asks.

“This could have grave consequences on the space-time continuum” a third face on a monitor interjects “if this goes wrong not even the Time-Rider or the A.T.T.A. will be able to put the multiverse back together.”

“You gave me the reins of the Doomsday Watch to monitor this situation with the refugees from Earth M. I say this is the only way to put everyone back where they belong.”

“At what cost?” the Asian woman asks the man at the table.

“If we don’t do this then the Chrononauts will win and Time-Lord will reign supreme throughout the multiverse. Do you not see this is exactly what those zealots want? For us to accept the changes that were made. Why should we bow down when we have the means to fix it?”

“You may only make things worse” the African man responded “what if instead of fixing things the universe gets even more confusing?”

“I am willing to take that risk” the man said defiantly and closed all the communication channels.

Just then a sliding door hissed open and a woman wearing a lab coat walked in “Director Westlake, Project: Vanguard is ready to be deployed. We are awaiting your authorization.”

“Thank you, Vicki, I will be right down” Director Westlake replied.
Posted:  14 Mar 2017 15:02
Sounds like the multiverse is in trouble.
Posted:  15 Mar 2017 00:16
...refugees from Earth M

Sounds interesting! 

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