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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Project: Vanguard #1 
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Project: Vanguard #1
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Posted:  14 Mar 2017 16:23   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Director Westlake entered the secret control room deep within Area 51 that even the A.T.T.A does not know exists. This room is kept secret from all but Doomsday Watch leadership. This room is where any major initiatives are activated and as such is the perfect place to activate Project: Vanguard.

A technician met him as he stepped off the elevator “we are ready director. However we were notified by the Tokyo office stop you.”


“They stated this would interrupt PhantomTech.”

The director knew exactly to that which they were referring. PhantomTech under the leadership of the Shadow Society created most of the heroes that believed they were from Earth M. As such the heroes were programmed to believe that the Chrononauts tricked them and then sent them to SU Prime. All the while even they were misinformed. The Doomsday Watch was pulling everyone’s strings. They manipulated the data for PhantomTech because they were afraid of what would happen if the world learned of the Time-Lord’s existence. They knew that Time-Rider, at a minimum, would investigate and that would unravel so much work. But it was time to erase even PhantomTech’s meddling from existence. IT WAS TIME to put things right once more. The way they should have remained from the beginning. And it was Director Robbie Westlake who would see it happen.

“We are proceeding as planned” he informed everyone in the room “call up the list of possibles for me.”

“Yes sir. We are not sure why you wanted nobodys for this? Anyone related to heroes or villains would have been easier.”

Director Westlake sighed “do you not see anyone connected might draw suspicion. I need to channel the temporal energy through one who has never gained powers in any reality. Then once the deed is done we can disrupt the channel and leave them powerless once more with no implications.”

A list of names and photos appeared on the screen before him.

1 Debra Cottondale-38-Housewife-Akron
2 Thomas Malory-52-Construction Worker-Newark
3 Jesika Lin-17-Student-Vagrant City
4 Nathan Lane-26-Actor-Los Angeles
5 Phillip Sizemore-41-Advertising-Orlando
6 Sylvia Estrada-64-Grandmother-Seattle

“Strike numbers 2, 5, and 6 from the list” Westlake said “no one over 40 should channel so much energy.”

1 Debra Cottondale-38-Housewife-Akron
3 Jesika Lin-17-Student-Vagrant City
4 Nathan Lane-26-Actor-Los Angeles

“Alright” Westlake continued “strike number 1 she has a family that might immediately be looking for her. Do we know if Nathan Lane is a successful actor that would be noticed if he went missing for a few days? Or if he has any close family that would notice?”

“Checking now director…..he just landed a part on a daily Soap Opera as the new love interest to some heiress. He’ll be shooting every day for the foreseeable future.”

Westlake takes a breath “well guess that narrowed our list down for us. Tell me about Jesika Lin.”

“She is a junior at Vagrant City High, a bit of a loner, no extracurricular activities to speak of...parents deceased...she currently lives with a foster family but has run away twice since she was first put into their care...”

“Perfect, they will think she just ran away again” Westlake cut the technician off “prepare the device for temporal projection.”

“Device will be powered up and ready in 16 hours.”

“Let us pray this fixes everything” Westlake says solemnly.
Posted:  14 Mar 2017 21:32
Posted:  16 Mar 2017 23:11
This is quite interesting!

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