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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Project: Vanguard #2 
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Project: Vanguard #2
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Posted:  16 Mar 2017 17:40
Teenager Jesika Lin walked to school as she did every day. Her backpack slung over her shoulder, her tennis shoes on her feet, and her hair brushed straight. The freckles on her face and her smile greeted everyone she passed. Her earbuds in her ears played music from her favorite band. It drowned out the noise of the cars on the street and allowed her to retreat into her own mind for a while to think.

Suddenly a nondescript black van pulled up beside her and two men in suits and ski masks got out. They grabbed her and she fought back. But they were bigger and stronger and dragged her into the van. They yanked her earbuds out and blindfolded her. Then they cuffed her. She shouted at them to let her go but they ignored her pleas.

“Calm down Ms. Lin. Your government has need of you” one of the kidnappers proclaimed.

“The government doesn’t kidnap high school students” she retorted and spat in his direction.

“Careful girl or we will gag you too” the man warned her “and how do you know what the government is capable of? We are in a crisis and you were chosen to help. It’ll only be for a short time and then you will be released as if nothing had happened.”

The van drove to a small airfield and the men loaded Jesika onto a small private jet. Then they took off for a few hours’ flight to the deserts of Nevada where they were picked up by a black SUV and driven to a top-secret location known famously as Area 51. The two men were met by six others in black military fatigues who escorted the girl to an elevator and a ride down into the Earth.

Once inside the girl taken to a chamber and placed inside a cylinder that had a futuristic cannon looking device aimed at it. Jesika Lin found herself strapped to a chair, unable to move.

Director Westlake produced a black keycard from his shirt pocket and the station manager Vicki produced an identical card. Just like with launching nuclear warheads this process took two people with keys to activate. They slid their cards in to the awaiting slots at the same time and then both had to type in a PIN code for validation. Once done a low-level tone began and lights flickered in warning. Everyone in the room held their breaths for the longest time as a countdown on a large screen began at 10 seconds and worked its way down to zero.

A generator whirred to life and a beam was emitted from the Temporal Cannon. The beam penetrated the cylinder and engulfed the teenage girl in low-level doses of purplish energy. The blast lasted for no more than 3 seconds and then the machine went silent. Everyone stared expectantly at the girl but nothing seemed to be happening. Then Vicki pulled up the information on her tablet and nodded affirmatively.

“The temporal energy is welling up inside her. I have uploaded the DNA information of the targeted heroes that need transport. Once she opens the gateway they should be sucked through it and deposited back on Earth M.”

Robbie Westlake smiled “good then the Earth M refugees will be home and the SU Prime versions of them should be reinstated into continuity once more.”

“If all goes as planned…yes” Vicki confirmed “then we will just need to absorb any residual temporal energy from Jesika Lin and drop her back off at home as if nothing happened.”

Lab techs in hazmat suits entered the chamber and unstrapped Jesika Lin from the table. Then they escorted her down a corridor to yet another isolated room. There they placed electrodes to her head, hands, and body. It was all very clinical but the teenager was very confused and not to mention scared by the time it was over.

“Relax Ms. Lin” Westlake’s voice came across a loudspeaker in the room “we only want to use you as a conduit for a temporal relocation process.”

Suddenly she felt electric shocks through her body and her hands glowed purple. A swirling mass of energy came into being in front of her and created a gateway to another universe. While it was open a group of people were sucked through it though she knew not where they came from. Then the gateway began to close. Instead of waiting on these secretive people to release her as they promised Jesika made a rash decision. She darted through the gateway herself and watched as it closed behind her.

“What just happened?” Director Westlake demanded.

Vicki stared at her tablet and tapped on it furtively then she spoke “the refugees of Earth M are gone and so is Jesika Lin.”

Westlake sighed audibly trying hard to keep his anger in check “all right so we lost the girl. No big deal given the circumstances. Were we able to at least disrupt her link to the temporal energy?”

Vicki shook her head “not completely. She was drained enough that she will not be able to open anymore gateways…but she may be able to manipulate time to some degree.”

“At least it will be Earth M’s time she messes up and not ours” Westlake replied as if it didn’t matter “okay so that’s one snafu in our plan. What about the original SU Prime counterparts? Are they back in continuity?”

“I cannot find them anywhere” Vicki answered “for all intents and purposes they no longer exist in this universe. This has also wiped out all of their villains too. They have vanished without a trace.”

“So, we lost a few heroes and villains as well?” Westlake replied “this keeps getting better and better.”

A monitor nearby chirped and suddenly the Asian woman from the Tokyo office appeared on its screen “Director Westlake we told you not to take action yet you proceeded to do so. Therefore, the council has no choice but to dismiss you from the Doomsday Watch, effective immediately!”

The screen went blank once more and Robbie Westlake stared at it furiously. He knew very well what that meant. No one is allowed to leave the Doomsday Watch. Dismissal means execution. At that very thought two men with rifles marched into the room and without ceremony opened fire.
Posted:  16 Mar 2017 21:43
Where did Jesika Lin go?
Posted:  28 Mar 2017 23:12
...the Temporal Cannon.
Cool idea!!!

...the Earth M refugees will be home and the SU Prime versions of them should be reinstated into continuity once more.

...for all intents and purposes they no longer exist in this universe. This has also wiped out all of their villains too. They have vanished without a trace.

Wow, allot happened in this one...very intriguing!

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