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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Project: Vanguard (epilogue) 
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Project: Vanguard (epilogue)
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Posted:  17 Mar 2017 23:44
Jesika Lin found herself on a dark city street surrounded by shadowy creatures of the night with blood covered fangs and glowing yellow eyes. A man wearing a long brown coat and a mask with a cross upon it jumped in front of her. A long knife appeared in his hand and he lunged at the nearest shadow creature.

“Get back girl, the streets are not safe after dark. There is a curfew in place for a reason. For at night prowl the vampires!”


Vampires? Is this guy for real? But those creatures looked real enough for her. She backed up a bit and saw others join the man with the cross upon his face. One had a large M upon his torso as he through black balls of energy from his hands to drive back the creatures. Then there was a yellow skinned woman glowing like a beacon in the darkness who was firing off bursts of light causing the vampires to shy away or disintegrate when they were hit.


“Bloody hell girl” a man in a bowler hat and brown duster spoke in her ear “what are you doing out at a time like this?”


She just stood and stared at him. In his right hand was a large revolver and his left arm was made of metal. Beside him stood another man wearing green and white and holding a crossbow. Jesika thought she must have hit her hand when she went through that gateway. Maybe she was dreaming?

Jesika Lin pincher herself to no avail. A woman flew overhead in an armored suit with a bird motif. Then a large man in red and black with the flag of Denmark upon his chest scooped her up in his arms and took her to a safe distance. When he sat her back down again his body convulsed and changed until he looked like some demonic beast covered in brown fur. The demon-bear thing began tearing into the vampires with its own claws and fangs.

She then noticed atop a nearby roof a man with a large rifle. Gunshots could be heard as he sniped his targets. The world has gone mad Jesika thought suddenly. Those kidnappers must have dosed her with something and she was hallucinating. That had to be the answer. Otherwise if this were real…what in the world has she gotten herself into?

The battle raged on for several minutes as Jesika did her best to stay out of the way. Then while all the heroes, if that’s what they were, were distracted by the vampires two grabbed her from behind. She struggled to free herself and managed to loosen their grasp enough to pull away. The two creatures immediately lunged at her, fangs and claws barred. She held up her hands in front of her and they pulsated with purplish energy. The two creatures stopped in midair, held by some unseen force. Without taking time to diagnose what had happened Jesika used the opportunity to make a run for it.

As she looked for a place to hide she glanced back and saw the creatures were no longer frozen but they seemed confused at what happened and were no longer interested in pursuing her. She sighed with relief as she found a dumpster. Clamping one hand over her nose she lift the lid and climbed inside already regretting her choice of hiding place.

Being alone in the dark amidst smelly garbage brought terror to the forefront of her mind. More so than the creatures outside. What if she died in a dumpster? Would anyone notice? Was she losing her mind? She must have dosed off because a sudden banging on the outside of the metal container startled her awake. Then a hand lifted the lid open while another reached in to help her out. The light was bright, was it daylight already? But no, it was still dark everywhere else. The light was emanating from the yellow skinned woman warrior she saw earlier.

“Are you okay” the woman asked her.

Jesika smiled numbly and squeaked out a “yeah.”

“Let’s get you back to H.Q.” the man with the M upon his torso said to her then back at the others “alright Vanguard, mission was a success, let’s go home.”

“Vanguard” Jesika mouthed the word she had heard that word from her kidnappers as they were hooking her up to that weird machine and channeling energy through her. What was the connection?

Stay tuned for the adventures of Earth M's premier superhero team The Vanguard...coming soon
Posted:  19 Mar 2017 22:39
Posted:  28 Mar 2017 23:15
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