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The Vanguard "Introductions"
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Posted:  21 Mar 2017 01:12
“Introductions are in order I suppose” the yellow-skinned woman told the teenager who was now the team’s guest “they call me Luminary.”

“Thank you for being so nice to me Luminary” the girl replied “my name is Jesika Lin but you can call me Jess.”

“Well Jess, let me introduce the rest of the Vanguard to you” Luminary said politely.

Pointing at the man with the M on his chest she told Jesika “this is our fearless leader Maverick.”

“Welcome to the Vanguard Jess” he said shaking her hand “it is always a pleasure to meet another extraordinary human.”

“I don’t understand” Jesika said truthfully.

“You will” Maverick said cryptically “well it is my turn for patrol so I will leave you in Luminary’s hands.”

With that Maverick was off and Luminary continued to show Jesika around “the guy with the cross upon his face is Viktor VanDusen our resident expert on vampires.”

“Glad you are okay girlie” Viktor said.

“Then the bloke with the metal arm is Hemlock Stone. His friend over there with the crossbow is the Rook.”

The two men nodded and went back to their game of chess. Luminary took Jesika to the mess hall to get her something to eat. While they sat down with some trays of food a large man walked in. He was not in costume but Jesika recognized him as the warrior who turned into a demon-bear before her eyes. Her body went rigid with fear.

“Do not worry about the Dane” Luminary told her “he calls himself the Korsfarer which is Danish for Crusader. He’s been around a long time. He’s lethal but a big teddy bear at heart.”

Jesika giggled a bit at that. She waved at him and continued to eat. When she was finished she asked Luminary about the other two that she saw the night before. The metal bird lady and the gun with the guns. She had not seen them around the headquarters yet.

“The woman is Osprey. Her prototype glide suit is fairly advanced. The other is the Wraith. He uses high-tech firearms but his real power comes from the ghostly spirit that resides inside his body like a symbiote. Those two actually have social lives outside of this place unlike the rest of us. They don’t spend as much of their downtime at H.Q.”

“So why did Maverick say I was an extraordinary human?” Jesika asked.

“Because you are one of us” Luminary replied “are you not aware of the power you exhibited last night? You stopped two vampires in mid attack. Froze them midair. How did you do that?”

“I just got scared. They lunged at me so I put up my hands and they just stopped so I ran off and hid until you found me.”

“Wraith thinks you stopped time” Luminary told her “or at least his spirit half does. The ghost seems knowledgeable about things the rest of us do not.”

Jesika shook her head “no I can’t stop time, that doesn’t make sense” as she said this she subconsciously scratched the back of her hand as if it was itching “for a brief moment” she said “the back of my hands glowed softly purple but then the color was gone. I thought I had imagined it”

“Maybe not” Luminary urged her “but we can find out if you are willing to stay here with us.”

Jesika nodded thoughtfully for she really had nowhere else to go. Her foster parents wouldn’t miss her and she didn’t have any friends back home. For the time being she was going to stay here at the Vanguard H.Q. and hangout with real life superheroes. Could she really have superpowers? Even if not this was a once and a lifetime opportunity for her.

“I don’t mean to pry” Jesika started hesitantly “but why does your skin glow yellow?”

Luminary smiles “I am a hybrid. I can change back and forth between my human and alien forms at will.”

To demonstrate her body glowed brightly as if a flash went off and then in her place stood a slightly shorter woman with tanned skin and her brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. Jesika just stared at Luminary with her mouth open. It took her a few seconds before she was able to speak.

“That was incredible” she said “I have never seen anything like that before.”

“Yes well” Luminary responded “I do not do that in front of people very often.”

“Thank you for sharing Luminary” Jesika said wholeheartedly.

“In this form you may call me Templar” she said “Dr. Templar Jones.”


“Science not medicine” she clarified “I mean if you cut yourself I can help you but don’t go getting a limb chopped off or having a heart attack.”

Jesika Lin laughed a little “I’ll keep that in mind.”
Posted:  23 Mar 2017 20:47
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Posted:  28 Mar 2017 23:17

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