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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Should Batman KILL Joker?? - Comic Misconceptions 
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Should Batman KILL Joker?? - Comic Misconceptions
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Posted:  22 Mar 2017 14:11
Should Batman KILL Joker?? || Comic Misconceptions

My opinion - In the old days it was great that Batman kept his oath to never kill a bad guy including the Joker. Back in the day it wasn't quite as clear that the Joker was killing a ton of people and further was escaping jail every other day. In this day and age with the Joker ruthlessly killing and escaping Arkham every other day it is only logical that Batman kill the Joker. In fact, it's amazing he hasn't been put in the electric chair.

That being said, we all know the reason Batman doesn't kill the Joker is because that's the way the writers want it. The Joker makes too much money for DC to kill him. Well, then, how about have Batman want to, but fail to kill the Joker, making him much more formidable of a foe? Must be too hard to write that.

Since the Joker cannot be stopped by the law that cannot contain him in Arkham or put him in the electric chair, Batman should kill the Joker to save future lives. It's only logical and moral. I say this, I prefer comic book superheroes to adhere to a never kiling rule, but that's in a scenario where the villain hasn't escaped prison for the last 80 years. If the villain is a ruthless killer that cannot be imprisoned, the hero really has no choice. What do you guys think?

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