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The Robber - A Time Travel Tale from Sci-Fi with a Twist
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Posted:  11 Apr 2017 19:34   Last Edited By: Jack Legend
The following is a short snippet from my new book Sci-Fi with a Twist.

The Robber - An old thief goes back in time to finally obtain his much sought after big score, only to discover a family secret that could have changed his life altogether.

Preview Snippet
It all began one day when I was casing a few houses, looking for a quick buck, when I happened upon this nutty professor's domicile. The guy had a basement that looked like it was something out of J.C. Wells, H.C, G.H., or whatever his name is. I mean, the man literally had a time machine. Of course, I didn't know what it was at first.
I was carefully turning the joint over, when the professor unexpectedly came home early. Lucky for me, I found a place to hide in a nearby closet where I was able to see the professor work from behind a cracked door.

I watched as the bald headed old geezer walked into his crazy contraption with all its blinking lights and rotating thingamabobs and then just disappear. On the top of the machine was a counter. It said 1926. I was like, there ain't no way, did this guy do what I think he just did? Then the good old professor came back out of the machine about thirty seconds later with his hands full of junk that he brought back from the 20's. It looked like mostly old magazines and newspapers. What a waste. I got to thinking, you know, I got a revolver in my coat, why don't I just take advantage of the situation, here and now, but then I thought, wait a minute…maybe, I can figure out how the doc operated the machine after he leaves…better to use a little stealth and avoid a murder or kidnapping rap.

So, I snuck back out after the professor went upstairs. I crawled through one of the basement windows with the skill of a cat…ok, a fat cat with arthritis, but at least I got out of there in one piece. I went back to my hideout and began scheming…err…plotting my next brilliant move.

Please order yourself a copy of Sci-Fi with a Twist at Amazon and post a review.

Sci-Fi with a Twist SU page



Buy the book at Amazon

Please order yourself a copy at Amazon and post a review.

Thanks and have a great day.

Sci-Fi with a Twist

Short stories that will blow you away!

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