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Ghost Rider Rocks!
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Posted:  18 Feb 2007 01:14
Ghost Rider rocks! It's a lot of fun. It's not for geeks who take their comic book movies too seriously possibly. I don't know what they could find wrong with it, but I'm sure it would be something. Maybe they might complain about Cage's Elvis like mannerisms, but for me it made him a interesting lively entertaining character to watch much better than the movie Bruce Banner from the Hulk who was all serious and dark and just a little bit boring sometimes.

It's got great music and a sort of legendary western feel to it. This is definitley a guy movie not for sissies, but then again I think women might dig this movie too. It's got a little romance thrown in for the chicks.

The effects were pretty awesome too, but Cage made the movie without him it wouldn't have been near as good. To me all movies need good effects, but if you don't like the characters then it's like icing without the cake.
Posted:  20 Feb 2007 00:16
i'm glad you like it, we tend to look for the same things in a superhero movie so i'll probably like it too.  whenever i see it.  it's gotten some mixed reviews but yahoo said it's pulled theaters out of this stump they've ben in for like 3 months.  go cage!
"You...complete me."
Posted:  20 Feb 2007 01:15
Yeah, you can never go on critics anyway. They tend to enjoy the slower paced yackety yack dramas that no one wants to pay money to see any way.
Posted:  20 Feb 2007 01:20
yeah they do!
"You...complete me."
Posted:  12 May 2007 14:16
hi im new ghost rider does rock, and the movie i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  12 May 2007 15:52
thanks for adding your opinion.
Posted:  13 May 2007 15:34
i still haven't seen it!  i'll just wait for the dvd at this point.
"You...complete me."
Posted:  13 May 2007 21:56
Probably have to now, I doubt it's playing anywhere. I'm thinking on buying it.

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