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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Spider-man Homecoming Review 
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Spider-man Homecoming Review
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Posted:  10 Jul 2017 14:16
Overall, I loved it. I think I still give the Raimi pictures the edge though. They were closer to the source material. There were lots of laughs and lots of action. I'll probably end up owning this one and adding it to my Spidey DVD collection if that tells you anything.

On the negative, and I'm sure there will be lots of young bloggers that disagree, but I felt they were really pushing the whole inclusive thing a bit much to the point it was way overdone. I think they were working way too hard to be politically correct. They basically changed every Spider-man supporting character into a minority. It doesn't really hurt the picture or make me not enjoy it, but it does make you feel like you are watching an alternate reality Spider-man and not really the one you grew up on. I thought the kid playing Flash was good, but he didn't quite seem like he was even a jock, more like a rich snobby nerd.

Other than that though taken by itself and not compared to the source material the movie was fun and the characters very likable overall.

I loved Michael Keaton's villain portrayal. I have to say, I think he was the best villain I've seen in years. He played it like a real tough guy, a guy that loves his family too which makes the character more human. I came away from the theater wondering is he really all that bad, and yet, I don't think you'd want to cross him.

Tom Holland was a great Peter Parker, no doubt about that. Weird seeing Aunt May so young.

The best action scene happens in Washington DC.
Posted:  16 Jul 2017 23:35
Just saw it with my son. Pretty good and Vulture was awesome!
Posted:  23 Jul 2017 20:58
Went yesterday with the kids. Michael Keaton was great IMO. I liked that they had Shocker in it as well but since he was a smaller villain it wasn't overcrowded with bad guys.

I thought Iron Man was in it too much though. I understand Stark was keeping an eye on him and all but it felt almost like another Iron Man movie instead of a Spider-man flick.

The only other thing I would complain about was the language/sex references. While very few and makes sense in a High School environment I did not like the fact I had my 11 year old watching it. Luckily the stuff went over her head (I hope) but I wanted Spider-man to be more kid friendly and have more banter between Spider-man and the villains.

Overall I enjoyed the movie though and I understand the need to fit it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe but I think I still enjoyed the Tobey Maguire movies best. Don't get me wrong there was some great moments with Spidey figuring out all his costume settings and I really like his conversations with Karen (though again this was reminiscent of Iron Man talking to his armor).

I guess the worst for me was Aunt May and the part at the end where she was surprise was a bit uncalled for. I know they cut off the F-word but I don't see Aunt May ever using that kind of language no matter what age she is.
Posted:  31 Jul 2017 17:11
In one way you know 80's kids movies had much worse language than they do now. Nowadays the worst thing is political correctness, but the language in this particular movie was a bit much for little kids. The more I think about it, the more I think the Tobey Maguire movies were the best. They had more of a epic quality to them. The Homecoming Spidey was better than the Garfield movies though.

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