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The Update
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Posted:  18 Jul 2017 03:15
SDL Prime Hall, Presidential Office:

Time-Rider walks in as Maverick rises to great him.

Welcome back John!

Many thanks Maverick. Feels good to see Prime Hall again. I do want to apologize for my sabbatical and the overtime you’ve had to put in.

Not a problem TR. Atomic Titan and Cyber-Jack were great substitutes in the interim. I think they both might be good presidential candidates going forward.

I agree. Quality men for sure.

So you got things figured out with Bastian Wolfe?

Can’t go into details per ATTA restrictions, but the general answer is “yes”. You’d never believe how many fires that Nazi lit in the Time-Stream the last few months. I put them all out, but more than one encounter could have went either way. Glad he’s “contained” for now.

Good to hear and even better to have you back.

          Maverick signals Time-Rider with his hands

Time-Rider nods then says- Soooo...what have I missed?

Maverick begins to sign [[Doomsday Watch and ATTA might be listening]] while saying- No real major issues. Rad broke out of the Vault, but was recaptured just a few days later. Really a continuation of this last year, not a whole lot of action.

That’s fine with me.

Oh, and I still am having some crazy dreams. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself.

You and me both Maverick!

[[Let’s work towards the hallway and I’ll fill you in]]

Say Maverick, I’m a bit hungry. How about we get some chow in the cafeteria?

Sounds great. Let’s go.

About 20 feet down the hallway Maverick motions to Time-Rider to stop. His right fist begins to glow with ebony energy. Slowly a dark bubble forms around the two friends.

Neat trick Maverick. What’s it’s purpose?

It’s a sound dampening sphere. We can talk freely now.

You really think the ATTA and Doomsday Watch have the office bugged?

My friends at Area 51 might be snooping too. For sure, I don’t want to take the chance with any outside group being part of our conversation. This is big news Time-Rider.

Big eh? Is anyone else is in the loop?

Only Wrench and Vortex and they took a vow of silence. I trust them completely.

As do I. OK, what is it?

Maverick removes a small tablet from his belt and hands it to Time-Rider who begins scrolling through it immediately.

Soon Time-Rider says- Has this been 100% verified my friend?

Checked, double-checked, and triple-checked.

I don’t know what to thi...

There is zero doubt. The third check comes straight from Vortex. He made it briefly on-site and saw him with his own eyes.

Blackhorn back on Throneworld, how can it be?

It’s a concern for sure TR. The real question for me is what about everyone else that was on the Strike Force with him? Are they dead or just lost or will they return too?

To be continued...
Posted:  18 Jul 2017 14:10   Last Edited By: Tim
Glad to see you story telling again. I always get a kick out of reading tales of Time-Rider other than mine own. It sort of gives him a sense of reality for the character for me as if he was taking on a life of his own.
Posted:  19 Jul 2017 00:04
Nice teaser for a possible return of your heroes. You really dug into my older characters when you mentioned Wrench! Glad to see he hasn't been forgotten and glad he and Vortex have just been away on recon missions and not wiped from existence.

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