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Flash Season 3 Trailer
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Posted:  24 Jul 2017 16:44
Flash Season 3 Trailer

Well, the Flash is now the only show on the CW I've stuck with. The subject matter of the other shows they have, namely the overt political correctness brain washing, just was too much for me to take. Here's hoping the Flash continues to focus on the story and characterization and stays away from politics. I'd like to tell the CW that no one ever really agrees down the line on politics, so why go there? You ever notice how liberal Hollywood sometimes seems at war with itself? There's a lot of fighting going on the other side too, so just don't go there. Politics should be left to the real world. Superheroes should be escapism for everyone. If we want politics we can watch the news. Stop trying to push agendas and just focus on good story telling. I'm talking to the guys that are behind Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

You know it's too much when a guy like me that has been like the biggest fan of superhero anything for decades doesn't tune in.

All that being said, the Flash has stayed pretty consistent. They've thrown in a little jab here and there at political correctness, but not to a nauseating degree. Here's hoping it stays that way because I really do enjoy the show. Luckily, I've got a million superhero DVDs to keep myself happy. In the last couple of weeks I've been re-watching Smallville, the Adventures of Superman with George Reeves, and '66 Batman. Now that's solid entertainment.

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