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The Update...Continued
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Posted:  24 Jul 2017 22:52   Last Edited By: jerod26

Darkforce Dimension; Throneworld

Time-Rider enters the massive chamber. Though dimly lit he can still sense it’s grand scale. After several paces he barely sees a large figure stand from a sitting position. The outline immediately identifies it as Blackhorn whom takes several steps forwards. After several more paces John Martin and Blackhorn are close enough to make eye-contact in the near darkness.

Blackhorn immediately speaks in his deep baritone voice- The Time-Rider in the flesh! [brief pause] Purely based on my limitless generosity, I have taken this meeting with you, the Earth representative of the group I assisted this last year. Kallous was a more powerful opponent than I expected.  I acknowledge that I alone could not have accomplished the task at hand, despite my previous belief. 

Glad we Terrans were able to save our worlds. So Kallous is indeed defeated or dead?

Take pause. You are still a visitor to Throneworld and the court of Blackhorn. One seldom questions me; I am the one who asks questions. With the mission complete and our worlds intact, my bond with Earthers is now broken. That said, I am clearly a generous monarch. In recognition of the Task Forces assistance I will answer any 5 questions you may have as long as they have “yes” or “no” answers.

Right kindly- Time-Rider pauses, not expecting that this conversation would be truncated. After about 20 seconds he asks-You’ve alluded to it but I need to be 100% sure; is Kallous defeated and our shared universe safe from his attack?

Technically that is two questions Time-Rider. But as established I am very generous and will overlook your lack of foresight on this first question. The answer for both parts of your question is “yes”.

Great. Were the only one to surv…um…were there casualties within the ranks of the Strike Force that you accompanied?

Nice save on that one. The answer is again “yes”- replies Blackhorn with a wicked smile.

Time-Rider grits his teeth and shortly follows up- Has anyone other than you made it back to their home world?

Blackhorn taps his thumb on his chin, clearly considering his response- I will once again be overly generous and answer your question, but this time with some explanation. My answer is “no” based solely on the fact that I know nothing that has transpired on the alternate universe after I left. At the time it was only me, after that I cannot truly say.


Fair enough. I appreciate your apparent honesty.

Blackhorn frowns at the back handed compliment- Perhaps I am too generous Terran. 

Time-Rider quickly asks- How long ago did you leave the alternate world?

The equivalent of 36 Earth days.

Thanks for the time Blackhorn- says Time-Rider as he pushes a button on his belt- Vortex will be here in 30 seconds to take me back to Earth.

What? You asked but 4 questions. You have 1 remaining. Don’t they teach even basic mathematics in Tennessee?

They sure do friend. You said you’d answer any 5 “yes” or “no” questions, you didn’t say when.

Blackhorn grins extraordinarily wide- Well played Mr. Martin, well played. Until later then...

Posted:  25 Jul 2017 14:16   Last Edited By: jerod26
Blackhorn grins extraordinarily wide- Well played Mr. Martin, well played. Until later then...

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