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Robots Threaten Humanity - A real thing?
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Posted:  25 Jul 2017 15:48
Robots could 'threaten humanity' and will be physically stronger than humans "in the next few years", warns scientist

An article at the Mirror in the Uk says that robots are evolving and could threaten humanity much like they did in the Terminator.


Here's a quote.

Robots could 'threaten our existence' and even become physically stronger than humans "in the next few years", according to new documentary.

Then why are making them stronger?

Another quote.

And according to a new BBC science documentary into their evolution, technology is advancing to the point of allowing robots to consciously make decisions.

Then why are we making robots that can do that? Do we believe we are destined to be ruled by robots because it was in a movie?

Dr Ben Garrod, an evolutionary biologist at Anglia Ruskin University, told BBC4's 'Hyper Evolution: Rise of the Robots': "What concerns me is that the impact of robots will be so monumental, they could threaten humanity.

"We've evolved over hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years.

"These things are just bulldozing their way through. At what point have we got to stop? They're like an invasive species.

Oh come on. I guess robots created themselves? As a creationist myself, kind of makes you think. Next thing you know they'll be saying robots formed from a pool of soup that just happened to contain spare parts and computer chips.

Unplug them before they start shooting at us!

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