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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Suggestions for Mobile Phone Friendly Changes to Site 
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Suggestions for Mobile Phone Friendly Changes to Site
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Posted:  05 Aug 2017 18:11
I'm starting to study up on ideas to make the site for mobile phone friendly. Any suggestions? Any of you all visit the site on your phone? Do you all still use your desktop much? I read 50 percent of visits come from phones.

I do know the front page looks really small on my phone. I guess, I've been kind of stubborn about adapting to mobile phones. I only surf on mine when I'm waiting on something. I love the big screens so much better.
Posted:  05 Aug 2017 23:01
Thought I would see if I can ask you all what you think about these two scripts-

Demos - http://igallery.flippyscripts.com/profile-1-photography

http://pixelfy.flippydemos.com/profile-1-flippy.html - Leaning toward this one.

I was thinking about trying one of these scripts on fanboyartist.com to test it out. Eventually, I think we need to update the SU to keep up with smart phones and such. I hate change with a passion, but sometimes if you don't change you die. I'm just researching right now, of course. I'm a firm believer in sleeping on things and going slow.

What do you all think about making changes to the SU at some point?
Posted:  05 Aug 2017 23:12
Another script that looks interesting- http://ihubs2.flippydemos.com/index.html. It's for articles, not sure how it would work for gallery though.
Posted:  07 Aug 2017 12:14
I mainly visit site on my desktop but suspect many do so on their phones. One monster site I visit does have a mobile site version does certainly help navigation on the occasional times I check it on my phone.
Posted:  07 Aug 2017 21:32
Thanks Jerod. I bought some scripts and I'm going to try one out first on fanboyartist.com. Hopefully, I'll have it installed by tomorrow.

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