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My Real Estate Career in East TN and Superherouniverse.com
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Posted:  19 Dec 2017 18:44   Last Edited By: Tim
Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood webmaster here. I am excited as I kick my real estate career into high gear and head for the next level. I have been a home inspector for the last 3 years and now I pulled my real estate license out of moth balls. The last time I had my license was back in the 90's. It seems like I've been in and out of real estate in one capacity or another for years. I've even worked on land tax appraisals and worked with back tax properties closely. Now that the economy is generally better off than it has been in the past, I've decided to keep most of my efforts pointed toward real estate, which means I keep on home inspecting and now selling real estate at the same time, wherever the opportunity lies to make money, further my real estate knowledge and experience and help others in the process, hopefully.

It's funny whenever you go for a job interview people ask you about what you want to get out your career and I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to say make money, but let's be honest, everyone wants to make money. We have to eat. The trick is to do it while simultaneously helping others. If you don't offer people a service or a good product for the dollar you get, then you've basically robbed them. I firmly believe a man should earn his money. Give something to get something. Hopefully, I've been doing that. I know a few people have thanked me for finding things in the attic that they would never have guessed were there otherwise.

If you just happen to be moving to East Tn in the Knoxville or Roane County area, you can find my contact information at Roanehomes.com or absolutelyhomes.com. If you need info on my home inspecting business go to tnqualityhomeinspections.com.

I haven't had a lot of time for this site lately and at this point I'm wondering about the future of this site. It's been a part of my life for a while now and it does mean a lot to me. I just haven't had time to do much with my superheroes and art lately and move forward toward a career that allows me to make a living. At one point, this site did justify my full attention, financially that is. There was a time when I made decent money just from affiliate program ads, but I guess, the day of the little guy making money online is almost over.

All the big companies make billions on the net and they don't even need us little guys to help promote their products anymore. Small websites are going the way of the small shoe stores and other tiny stores that big giants like Walmart have smashed into non-existence.

There is always hope. On the bright side there is a ton of content on this site, but between the old and the new formats currently up on the site,  I haven't really been able to get the best of both into one great working model. The other thing is right now, it's costing just a little more to keep the site going than it is making. It costs a little over 50 dollars a month and that's about 10-20 more than it makes. I do have other sites on this plan that I use for my real estate career, but I could put those on a shared host plan for much less.

So, nothing happening for the time being with the SU, but if anybody would like to consider taking it over, and I mean keeping it going in the current mission of helping give artists and writers a place to showcase their work, then I would consider allowing them to take the domain name. I'd rather it be someone that I know that has been a member for a while. I'd like to see SU successful and around 20 years from now. That's the goal. So, if anybody has any suggestions or would like to take me up on this offer let me know via email, superherouniverse@yahoo.com. You might want to post a comment on the board or on the gallery to get my attention. Sometimes, I forget to check that email box as things with real estate are super busy. Those that are my facebook friends can reach me there too.

Just keep in mind you would be responsible for the operating costs if you take over the domain name. I'm not in a huge rush or anything. I'm just thinking ahead. I still love the idea of having this site to post my comic book ideas and so forth, but time is short and before I know it I'll be retiring some day.

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