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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Chapter 13 "Assailant" 
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Chapter 13 "Assailant"
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  23 Apr 2007 06:05   Last Edited By: Lectrohm
Chapter 13; Assailant

     The morning sun shines into Mike's apartment window, "Yes!" he thinks as he realizes today is the day.  He jumps out of bed, gets ready to go to work and heads off.  At the station, Mike and the other guys are in the middle playing a card game when the alarm goes off.  'Bank robbery on the corner of 5th and Willows' the intercom voice says.  3 units head over to the bank, Mike being in the first one, signals the others to stop, he notices a red headed girl slip into the bathroom and come out as Pyra.  'Huh' Mike says under his breath.

    Officer: Mike?

    Mike: I think that fire girl has it under control.

Moments after Mike responds the 3 thieves, tied together with the ropes, used for making the lines in the bank, are thrown through the glass door.  One of the officers whistles in surprise, Pyra then walks out.

    Pyra: There ya go boys. (She says as she flies off)

    Mike: Stay with the thieves. Roger, Dave, come with me.

The three cops walk in to the bank and see many thankful and relieved faces.  Mike directs Dave to take care of the people right and Roger to the left.  Mike goes to the hurt security guard, a medic comes in to take him away, Mike asks him where the security tapes are and he directs him to the back room.  Inside, Mike stops the tape taking it out and putting a new one in almost instantly.  After checking up on everything in the bank, he takes the tape back to the station and views till he gets to the part where Pyra changed went in to the restroom.  He cuts the tape off as she enters till Pyra arrives.  'There' he says under his breath, Mike then zooms in on the tape to the best picture of Pyra before she changes into her costume.  He crops her face and drags it into an identification program.  Mike clicks "Run" and after about a minute it comes up with 1 search result, "Summer Hasch".  'Hasch?' Mike says out loud remembering the news program a couple days ago.  A few of the other officers look his way questioningly, 'Sorry'.
     Mike takes the rest of the day off and changes into Ohm before dinner, he heads out to the Hasch Mansion bringing along a pair of heat vision goggles from the station.  As he looks through them at the house, all seems normal except for a huge spike in the kitchen.  Bingo.  Ohm flies through an open window and speeds through the house so fast the cameras can't catch him.  Ohm flies into the kitchen behind the open fridgerator door.  Summer closes the door and is startled to see Ohm.

    Summer: Ohm! Oh gosh, you scared me.  Can I help you?

    Ohm: Sort of, you should be more careful when putting on the suit.

    Summer: Come again? (Ohm raises an eyebrow, and Summer looses her confused look) How'd you find out?

    Ohm: Security tape from today's robbery, you went in as Summer and came out as Pyra.

    Summer: You were there?

    Ohm: Yeah, in a way.  I took the tape and replaced it with an edited one, just try and be a little more careful next time.

    Summer: (She chuckles) Thanks. (Ohm looks up and Pyra turns around to see her father walk in)

    Steven: Are you sure you don't want the chef to cook?

    Summer: Oh, uh... (She turns around to see Ohm is nowhere in sight) Yeah, I wanted to cook tonight for us dad.

    Steven: Alright, if you want the chefs to help, just let them know.

    Summer: Uh huh, and I'll let you know when it's ready.

Floating over the mansion Ohm flies back to his apartment to get ready to go to dinner.  He heads out keeping his suit on underneath, and by taking a cab; he arrives at the steak restaurant.  Heading inside, he looks around, Ron hasn't arrived yet.  He get's a table in view of the entrance and after a few moments he sees Ron enter; Mike waves.

    Ron: Hey Mike, how's it going?

    Mike: Great and you?

    Ron: Awesome, boy things have changed.

    Mike: Hah, you're telling me.  I have to ask, what is that surprise you said about online?

    Ron: Ha ha, wait till after dinner.

    Waiter: What can I get you tonight?

    Mike: I'm going to have the Sirloin.

    Ron: And I'm going to have the Prime Rib. (The waiter walks off) I've been watching Ohm on T.V. he's been doing pretty good lately.  Fighting dark people and joining with hot super heroines.

    Mike: Ha-ha. (Mike says sarcastically) Well still haven't met the right girl.

    Ron: None?

    Mike: Well there was that one girl a couple months ago but it didn't work out to well when I had to keep disappearing on her.

    Ron: Hmmm... (The waiter comes by with the food)

    Mike: What about you?  Anything good in the love department?

    Ron: Nah, not recently.

    Mike: Oh well, how's the business?

    Ron: Oh it's great, in the past year alone we've made twice as much money than 80% of our competitors who just start out.

    Mike: That's great, still go airsofting?

    Ron: Definitely, I've entered in a few tournaments lately and have won first in twice now.

    Mike: Sweet, was it for prize money?

    Ron: Yep, in a 4 team free for all, $400 for first, $200 for second, and $80 for third. And $200 for first in a 1 on 1 team.  What have you been doing in your free time besides the obvious?

    Mike: Oh the usual, Martial Art practices, going on patrol on and off work, and, oh, I've been trying to get a part-time job and the Game Store down near Central Park.

    Ron: Same as always.

    Mike: (Laughing) Yep.

They talk for a little while longer, and once they finish, Mike pays for the dinner, and they head out side the restaurant.  Ron asks Mike to follow him as they enter an alleyway, Mike becomes a little nervous, but stays focused.

    Ron: Ok, you've heard about that dark assailant in San Francisco right?  Well a couple of years ago I won a contest for a trip to Japan.  While I was there, an old man walked up to me out of nowhere, I literally mean nowhere, there was no one in sight.  He looks me over and closes his eyes for a minute then tells me that I was pure of heart, friends who'd be there for me, and be an honorable choice for the heir of the art of Ninja.

    Mike: (Laughing) Ninja?

    Ron: Yeah, he asks me to follow him and takes me to a monastery where we talk and I agree to train under him, and for 3 years he trains me non-stop.

    Mike: So that wasn't business work you've been doing the past couple of years…You're the shadowy hero in San Francisco.

    Ron: The one and only. (He says with a smirk)

    Mike: Alright, alright. (He looks around real quick and zips around Ron in a blur, when he stops he had changed into Lectrohm)  Let's see what you've got.

Ron opens his bag and lays out a plated costume, obviously bullet proof and the form of a ninja, only more up to date.  In a blur, Ron takes the costume and scales the wall of the building; a few seconds go by and he appears out of the shadow on the side of the opposite wall in full costume.  'That's not all' he says confidently, he lays down a utility strap in the shape of an 'X' that looks like a seatbelt from a jet. 'Everything I need, I have here, along with the custom built motorcycle with full arsenal around the corner.'  Ron then straps on the utility strap and pulls the sword off his back along with an axe, spear and other equipment.  'Also custom builds, impervious to heat and cold, made from super dense metal.'


    Ohm: And I thought I was the only warrior. (As soon as Ohm ends his sentence an explosion sounds nearby) Want to go test out your skills Ron?

    Wraith: Hell yeah.  Call me...The Wraith.

As Wraith leaps from building to building, Ohm flies next to him as they head towards the explosion to enter a deadly team up match of noisy proportions....
Posted:  23 Apr 2007 17:01
Say that just made me think, Jake could use some other weapons besides just a sword. Maybe some of those ninja stars?

Any progress on getting some design art done from your friend? I remember you saying something about your friend was going to help you create some art for ohm.
Posted:  23 Apr 2007 19:13
Yup, I have the sketch and sent it to Gerry, he's working on it right now I believe.
Posted:  16 May 2007 00:51
Can't wait to see the artwork Gerry is working on!! 
Posted:  16 May 2007 00:53   Last Edited By: Lectrohm
Ryan T. is my offical sketch person for the story, I then send the sketch's to Gerry and he animates them on the comp. It's tougher process than it sounds because I'm really busy and rarely have time for friends to come over, that should change this summer though.
Posted:  16 May 2007 08:09
that should change this summer though
Cool!!  The furthest I ever got with a project like this was to sit down and write my own Spider-Man story.  Then I went back and penned it into a comic book with my own artwork.  Still, I was a kid back then and it was fun!! 
Posted:  17 May 2007 00:17
My best friend put together te idea of Wraith, he's not big on messageboards like this but I hope he'll sign up once the new season starts.
Posted:  01 Jun 2007 19:19
where do i find season 2, where do i find your artwork. awsome story
Batman rules over all!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  01 Jun 2007 20:50
season 1 is chapter 1-14, season 2 is chap 15-28

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