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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Chapter 27 "Twisted" 
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Chapter 27 "Twisted"
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Posted:  03 Jun 2007 22:03
Chapter 27; Twisted

     The sun rises slowly above New York City, people begin their day as usual, well... as usual as they can get from the previous day's incidents.  On the outskirts of the city, Stan Lee's house has a warm feeling of accomplishment around it.  Summer is in the kitchen helping the cooks prepare breakfast before the group separates that morning; she holds a frying pan on the palm of her red hot hand cooking the couple eggs on it.  Alexa, who is also helping out, places bread in the toaster and walks to get juice.  Ron wakes up and stretches, he quickly gets dressed and enters the room full of smells to help out.  Meanwhile, down below, Mike, Will, and Stan are at the computer system.

    Will: This is will shock you, fair warning.

Mike nods as Will types a few things in to the computer, and after a few clicks a page with the alien symbols appears.  'They've been busy' Mike mumbles under his breath, a large translation appears on the text as it loads.


    Will: Here's page 1, Ron was only able to get 2 pages of information of the latest results.


    Mike: These look like the summaries from some of the creatures that came out of the symbols.  It's amazing that Kalinro and his army really had this little of a conscience.

    Will: Just wait till page 2.

Will opens the alien language page with the translating in progress.  Ron walks down into the room and tells everyone breakfast is soon, he stays when he sees the language on the computer. 


Meanwhile, upstairs Alexa and Summer are speeding around the kitchen with the chefs just watching as they use their powers to prepare a gourmet breakfast meal.  'Alright, day off for us.'  One of the nearby chefs whisper to another.  Back in the computer room, Will finishes the translation progress.


    Mike: (Whistling) Immediate overload and death? Sure glad that didn't happen. (Reads down) So, Alexa has been hiding some stuff from us all along.

    Will: Come again?

    Stan: I remember using this type of scenario before.  It would seem that Alexa's powers lay dormant inside of her, and that this symbol actually awakened them instead of giving them to her.

    Mike: Exactly.

    Ron: Does she know yet?

    Will: Possibly, she might have kept it from us, but then again--

    Mike: --She might never have known.  Ok, I'll bring this up to her after breakfast, is this everything?

    Stan: This is everything on the disc; personally I would have liked to look at the history behind these things.

    Will: I'm just glad we got what we did.

    Mike: I second that.

The group heads upstairs and into the kitchen where they see Alexa and Summer, both fiery eyed, trying to beat each other in making the biggest, and best breakfast meal.  Summer, while holding a pan full of eggs, torches the steak on the counter giving it the flambĂ© taste.  Alexa creates a small whirlwind outside to pick of some fresh herbs and brings it over to the eggs Benedict she's working on.

    Ron:  Shouldn't we--

    Mike: (Smirking) --What? And spoil their fun?

The 2 girls continue to furiously race around the kitchen for about half an hour while everyone else sits back and watches.  When they finish, both Alexa and Summer are left panting, 'About time' Ron says, and races to the buffet lined table.  Mike and Will follow and Lee apologizes to the chefs and tells them that, that will be all for today.  They all eat the delicious meal, talking, and going over different adventures each of them has had.  When they all finish, everyone gets up from the table, Mike and Ron look at each other smirking, "Summer, Alexa? Here's how you're supposed to work together." Mike announces.  Both Mike and Ron speed into action, Ron runs to the table and tosses each dish at the sink with pinpoint accuracy.  At the sink Mike washes and dries each plate and utensil at super speed and piles them up on the counter.  Ron the runs to one side of the cabinets and Mike to the other, they each take the dishes and sort them away perfectly in order, and finish within seconds.  Will and Stan applaud, while Summer and Alexa look at each other and start to laugh.

    Mike: On a more serious note, Alexa?  Can you san Stan come with me please?

He leads them both down to the computer room is where the screen showing the translated page 2.  Alexa reads it acting somewhat stunned.

    Alexa: I guess I should've guessed it wouldn't take you too long to figure out.

    Mike: We're not angry with you or anything, it's just that I need to make sure you're not a threat-- (Alexa looks at Mike questioningly)

    Stan: --What we mean is, you're not loyal to Kalinro.

    Alexa: I actually have to thank him, out of all the people he picked to use his device on, he wound up experimenting on someone who already had it inside her.  I've had the power to create small gusts of wind anywhere ever since I was little, of course I could only make a gust a little stronger then a fan, but when I sleep it seems I turned my whole room around.

    Mike: I know how that feels, you should of saw what static electricity does to a room when you're charged for an entire night.

    Alexa: (Laughing) Yeah.  I'm sorry I didn't tell you because I thought it'd be embarrassing having a superpower that caused little winds.  What exactly did the symbol do to me anyway?

    Stan: Well, we think it drew out the full potential of your powers, and aside from your physical and mental changes, you inability to control your powers.  This is where Mike and I come in, when you sleep; your unconscious took control of your powers.  The human mind is a very powerful weapon and has properties mankind still doesn't know about.

    Mike: This is probably what caused the powerful bursts of wind I encountered when I was flying to the hospital the first time, you said yourself you were dreaming it.

    Alexa: Alright, that all makes sense.  Thank you.

    Mike: (Putting his hand on her shoulder) Thank you, we wouldn't have been able to beat those guys a few days ago without ya'.

    Alexa: Now what do we do?

    Stan: Ignore it.  You were both given gifts; you decide what you do with them and you alone. 

    Mike & Stan in perfect synch: With great power comes great responsibility.

    Mike: (Stan looks at Mike who shrugs and smirks) C'mon, I couldn't be where I am right now if I wasn't a fan.

They three laugh and walk upstairs.


The translating pictures are actually Pre-Crisis Kryptonian flipped and mirrored (I believe).  Sorry for any mistakes in the pictures.  If/When I get this published I'll be doing a lot of editing.
Posted:  04 Jun 2007 01:36
Great story Aero!!!  You're an awesome writer with a terrific imagination!!   
Mike & Stan in perfect synch: With great power comes great responsibility.

    Mike: (Stan looks at Mike who shrugs and smirks) C'mon, I couldn't be where I am right now if I wasn't a fan.
Good stuff!! 

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