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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Chapter 42 "Settled" 
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Chapter 42 "Settled"
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Posted:  05 Aug 2007 18:28
This chapter is just a little smaller then the rest, but don't worry there's a few new things.  Enjoy the season 3 finale.

Chapter 42; Settled

    All around the world, people applaud not knowing exactly what had happened but sure of whom stopped the world from turning to darkness.  The group gradually stands up drained of energy to see STAR land, Stan walks out with Jimmy next to him.

    Stan: Congratulations!  You all did it and now Earth is safe!

    Jimmy: Well done, I was hoping I wouldn't see anything less.

    Wraith: (Looks at Jimmy questioningly) Jimmy?

    Jimmy: I've been working undercover for the government in your company for a while keeping an eye on you all.  You see, the government was scared of you at first, unsure how it was going to handle people with extraordinary powers.  But, I recently got a call from Washington basically telling me to quit the stalking, and that you are all to be commended for the huge amount of good you do.  So on behalf of the United States of America, thank you. (Ohm and Jimmy shake hands) And now, I herby resign from the government.

    Ohm: Wait, what?

    Jimmy: Not only can I help America, but the world as well.  Wraith, do you mind if I work for you full time?

    Wraith: That was pretty sneaky, what you did.  I like it, you're hired. (Everyone laughs)

    Oxi: We should head back and tell the story to everyone.

    Stan: That's a good idea.

The group heads onto the STAR and they fly back to Manhattan, they arrive at Stan's house and everyone unloads their equipment.  Ohm flies to the news station and sitting down with the manager and a few reporters, tells them the main points and a few details of the story.  Afterwards, he flies back to his hotel and changes into jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket and at super speed, Mike runs back to Stan's house.  Once there he says hi to everyone and sits down to enjoy a victory feast, they talk throughout the entire meal of different adventures they had been in, all of course, pale in comparison to the one they just had.  As it get's late, the group heads outside to say goodbye.

    Stan: It looks like everything has finally quieted down.

    Mike: Well there's always the occasional crook we can look forward to. (They laugh)

    Will: Drake and the others have been put in specialized cells each for their individual attributes.

    Summer: What is the chance of them escaping?

    Will: Not likely--

    Alexa: --but on the off chance they do, then they'll have to get through us.

    Ron: And we won't make it easy for them.

    Mike: We should start heading back.

Everyone says good bye one final time, Ron offers to drop Alexa off at her home and she accepts.  They climb onto STAR and in minutes are off east back home, Stan walks back inside, and Will gets on his bike and speeds off back home leaving Summer and Mike left.  'We should get going too.' he says, Summer smiles then kisses Mike on the cheek and flies off.  Mike thinks for a moment, then, smiling, he speeds off back to his apartment.  He gets in and sits down on the couch, sighing, he feels like a huge weight is lifted off his chest.  He zaps the TV and turns on the news.

    Announcer: Good evening America, we have some very exciting news for you tonight, I'm pretty sure you can guess what it is.  Stopping off here earlier this afternoon, Lectrohm told us the story of the incident with the Sun's weird behavior today.  Drake, as you all know a being with dark matter powers, infiltrated a government facility and stole a device to stop fusion.  Ohm intercepted him on the shuttle that was launched but was too late.  When he returned, he and his fellow teammates were able to stop the spreading of the darkness by launching one powerful attack at it.  On behalf of the station, thank you all.  In light of the recent attack, the government has been taking extra steps of precaution against superhuman threats while working with Lectrohm and others. Coming up ne--

Mike turns off the TV, and relaxes for a moment recalling all events that have happened to him.  He rests his head back onto the head of the couch and breathes in deeply.  A second later an alarm rings outside his window.  'Show time.' Mike quickly changes into Lectrohm and flies out the window to victory, in the window is a reflection of a Silhouetted man...


Hooray!  Season 3 is done!  Let's get the thanks section done too.  First thanks is to everyone who read the chapters and has been able to keep up with it.  I know it's tough with my occasional typos but I'm working on typing slower.  Second is to Tim for allowing me to continue with my story on the site (And give it up for Time-Rider everybody).  Third is to Ron for him allowing me to use our character the Wraith in here (I'm hoping he'll visit and make a post but his busier then I am).  Next is to Stan; if anyone who works for him or if you yourself Mr. Lee read this please contact me through my e-mail. (Hey, it can't hurt to ask right?) Finally I would like to say that not everything in this season is my original idea, some ideas from different sources have been molded into my story for entertainment purposes, thanks to DC and Marvel for these ideas.

If there is anyone out there who is interested in doing computer art work for scenes and characters, please contact me through E-Mail: here, or at my Myspace or, on AOL Instant Messager, in which my Screen Name is Lectrohm.

What's that? You want a sneak peak at season 4?  Well alright since you've all been good.

In Season 4 of "Road of Lightning" Mike finally meets the mystery man he's seen since he got his powers, but he (or it...) is definately not what Mike was excpecting!

Posted:  05 Aug 2007 19:51
In Season 4 of "Road of Lightning" Mike finally meets the mystery man he's seen since he got his powers, but he (or it...) is definately not what Mike was excpecting!
Ah, that is why one must always expect the unexpected - there's an oximoron for you!! 

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