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Shazam Captain Marvel DVDs

If you grew up in the 70's you have to own this Shazam DVD set for old time's sake. Nothing was cooler on Saturday mornings than watching Shazam. For me back then it was above even the Super Friends because it was live action and not just a cartoon.

Product Description:
By uttering a single magic word young Billy Batson transforms himself into the world's mightiest mortal Captain Marvel. The acronym of the first letters of the names of the six elders who train Billy with their respective special gifts: Solomon wisdom; Hercules strength; Atlas stamina; Zeus power; Achilles courage; and Mercury speed in a word SHAZAM! Now the entire series is available in this 3-disc set featuring every exciting episode of this classic television show!
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Legends Of The Super Heroes

Batman, Robin, Captain Marvel and a number of other heroes were present in this very campy fun 70's TV special.

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Justice League DVD Series and Movies
Captain Marvel wasn't a regular member of the Justice League on any TV series, but you can find a special episode of him on the Justice League animated series taking on Superman in an epic superhero battle to end all battles.
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Captain Marvel makes an appearance in this animated movie taking on Superman and Batman.

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