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Justice League Unlimited: Season One (DC Comics Classic Collection)

Justice League Unlimited: Season One (DC Comics Classic Collection)
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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
Seven superheros unite to fight for justice.
Genre: Children's Video
Rating: NR
Release Date: 24-OCT-2006
Media Type: DVD

Special Features
26 episodes on four discs
Commentary on episodes "This Little Piggy" and "The Return" with producer Bruce Timm and others
"And Justice for All" featurette discussing the revamping of the show, new characters and a new direction
"Themes of Justice": choose your favorite JLU musical theme audio tracks

Customer Reviews

Actually Justice League Unlimited - Seasons One And Two!, July 31, 2006
By Servo (Atlanta, GA USA) - See all my reviews
(VINE VOICE) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Justice League Unlimited: Season One (DC Comics Classic Collection) (DVD)
When the Cartoon Network picked up Seasons Three and Four of "Justice League" after Season Two finished, they did so with the conditions that 1) instead of two-part stories, they wanted half-hour, self-contained stories; and 2) they wanted a fresher version of the show that clearly differentiated Season Three [and up] from Seasons One and Two. The producers obliged. The result was the re-titled "Justice League Unlimited."

The series creators' mandate, according to producer/story editor Dwayne McDuffie, was simply to tell really good stories with very small groups of characters, combining some of the original heroes with the new ones. These half-hour, power-packed stories (most notably, the Stan Berkowitz/Robert Goodman-penned "Fearful Symmetry") ultimately snowballed into the highly-praised, two-season long "Cadmus arc" which involves a government conspiracy formed to combat the ever increasingly powerful Justice League. And don't forget "Epilogue" featuring a startling Batman revelation.

Watching the original founding members of the Justice League joined by an even greater collection of heroes including Supergirl, Green Arrow, Captain Atom, Booster Gold, Vigilante, and the Question is just fun unto itself. During a given episode, I'd be like Hey, Hawk & Dove! Hey, Booster Gold! Hey, The Question! Hey, Red Tornado! So, for me, part of the fun in having so many heroes available for JLU was seeing which hero (obscure or otherwise) would appear on the show (whether on a mission or in the background). A lot of the heroes would probably never get their own show, so JLU was a fun way of introducing these heroes in animated form.

JLU also benefited from more contributions from well-known comic book creators. Not to mention even more inspired voice casting including TV brothers Fred Savage and Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years) in reverse roles as brothers "Hawk (the aggressor) and Dove" (the pacifist), respectively; Dennis Farina (Crime Story, Law & Order) as aging tough guy Wildcat in "The Cat and the Canary"; Tom Everett Scott (Saved) as gloryhound Booster Gold in "The Greatest Story Never Told"; and CCH Pounder (ER, The Shield) as Project Cadmus leader Amanda Waller. JLU's new opening rock theme was provided by Michael McCuistion.

Though the box cover of this set is titled "Justice League Unlimited - Season One," this 4-disc Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1) set actually contains both JLU Seasons One and Two (each 13 episodes) for a combined count of 26 episodes. No doubt Amazon and the previous reviewer will make edits in their descriptions of this product given this revelation. Season One title aside, just know that you're getting two seasons worth of JLU episodes in one package! Special features include: "And Justice for all": The process of revamping the series with new characters and a new creative direction; "Themes of Justice": Choose your favorite JLU musical theme audio tracks; Creators' Commentary on "This Little Piggy" and "The Return".

JLU Season One:
1. Initiation
2. For the Man Who Has Everything
3. Kid Stuff
4. Hawk and Dove
5. This Little Piggy
6. Fearful Symmetry
7. The Greatest Story Never Told
8. The Return
9. Ultimatum
10. Dark Heart
11. Wake the Dead
12. The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales
13. The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped

JLU Season Two:
1. The Cat and the Canary
2. The Ties That Bind
3. The Doomsday Sanction
4. Task Force X
5. The Balance
6. Double Date
7. Clash
8. Hunter's Moon
9. Question Authority
10. Flashpoint
11. Panic in the Sky
12. Divided We Fall
13. Epilogue

Unlimited Heroes. Unlimited Justice. Unlimited Fun!
Highly Recommended!!

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