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Superman: Brainiac Attacks



Editorial Review:

Superman, about to finally divulge his identity and his feelings to Lois Lane, suddenly finds his mighty hands full when Brainiac, a powerful computer, bent on universal domination and Lex Luthor team up to defeat him. Armed with new weapons and a special strain of kryptonite infused in his body, Brainiac becomes the most powerful enemy The Man of Steal has ever faced. When Lois Lane is critically injured by a force beam that was intended for him, Superman must race into the mysterious Phantom Zone to find a cure. Brianiac, believing Superman to be dead, betrays Lex Luthor and begins his attack on the city of Metropolis and ultimately Earth. Will Superman survive the Phantom Zone in order to defeat his deadly foes, save Lois and Metropolis?
The direct-to-DVD animated feature Superman: Brainiac Attacks pits Superman against two of his longest-running foes: Lex Luthor and the robotic Brainiac. Luthor's scheme is to re-jigger Brainiac's configuration using a combination of Superman's DNA and a rare form of Kryptonite to make him an unstoppable weapon against the Man of Steel. Fans of TV's Superman: The Animated Series will be pleased to note the return of Tim Daly and Dana Delany, who reprise their roles as Superman and Lois Lane from the show, but hardcore Superman/Justice League Unlimited viewers may regret the loss of Clancy Brown's formidable performance as Luthor (who is voiced here by Powers Boothe), as well as Corey Burton as Brainiac (here handled by Lance Henriksen). Also missing is the series' adherence to its DC Comics origins and its serious tone, which here is blunted by Duane (The Batman, Jackie Chan Adventures) Capizzi's frothy script, which hews closer to a combination of the Superman films and broad comedy. --Paul Gaita


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