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Welcome to the Superhero Universe Character's store. We've got t-shirts, posters, and bumper stickers for characters of this site Help support this site and help spread the word about our character lines by buying these products.

Buy our new time travel book from Amazon
A search for a missing scientist, responsible for the Philadelphia Experiment during World War II, takes his son, Ronald Montgomery, and his friends on an exciting, epic-sized time travel adventure through biblical history and beyond.

While on his journey, he must confront incredible odds, facing the likes of Pharaoh's army, and Adolf Hitlerís Nazi soldiers and villainous right hand man, Bastian Wolfe. Joining him on this adventure are his prospective love interest, Mary, his rival for her affections, Mack, Professor Jack Warren, and a mysterious government agent named John Martin.

Along the way, this group of time traveling adventurers will also encounter Noah, Moses, and even the Biblical strong man, Samson. Relive the Bibleís greatest adventures through the eyes of our heroes, and learn the secrets of Americaís underground time travel organization, known as ATTA, sworn to defend America from all enemies, past, present, and future.

It's a thrill ride that spans the centuries and makes you witness to the most spectacular events of all human history!
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We are so excite to announce that one of our members known as Rick Jones on our boards and gallery, author Charles N Raymond (Author) has now released "Exile Hero" which is available at Amazon as a Kindle release.

The book is based in a fantasy world and follows the life of Jensin, a young man whose village is slaughtered by a band of monstrous creatures that live beneath the Earth's surface. Their reasons are kept secret. Jensin's mysterious father sends him on a quest to kill their leader, Ishtar. Jensin takes with him a small group of survivors, who all have their own backstories. more about "Exile Hero"

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Johnny Rebel Superhero T Shirt
Johnny Rebel Superhero T Shirt by superherouniverse
Time-Rider Superhero Watch
Time-Rider Superhero Watch by superherouniverse
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Superhero Threat T-shirt
Buy this superhero Threat T-shirt by superherouniverse
Shirt reads, "I'm going to hit you so hard it will create a hole in the space time continuum!"
Time-Rider #7 Cover Poster print
Time-Rider #7 Cover Poster by tvcrazyman
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Time-Rider #1 Cover print
Time-Rider #1 Cover by tvcrazyman

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Silver Soldier Tee Shirt
Silver Soldier Tee Shirt by superherouniverse