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Time-Rider Stories  SU Events

These are short stories featuring the time traveling superhero Time-Rider.
To read in chorological order first start with the Time-Rider comics  Gallery  Store  Wiki

Time-Rider The Story Inside ATTA
Time-Rider's First Christmas
Time-Rider's First Christmas Part 2
Time-Rider's First Christmas Part 3
Time-Rider's First Christmas Part 4 The Finale
Time-Rider Meets Davy Crockett
Robin Hood Meets Time-Rider
Bastian Wolfe - the Origin of Time-Rider's Greatest Foe Part 1
Bastian Wolfe - the Origin of Time-Rider's Greatest Foe Part 2
Bastian Wolfe - the Origin of Time-Rider's Greatest Foe - Conclusion!
The Face of Evil?

Time-Rider: Ronald Reagan's Alien Encounter

Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident
Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident Part 2
Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident Part 3
Time-Rider: The ATTA Incident Part 4

You Can Never Go Home Again!
You Can Never Go Home Again Part Two!

Windfire's Secret Origin

Shadow High #1
Shadow High #2 It's Apocalypse Now!
Shadow High #3 Hyde and Go Seek!
Shadow High #4 Transformation
Shadow High #5 The Other Side!
Shadow High #6 Champions of Justice to the Rescue!
Shadow High #7 The War is Over!

Shadow High #8 The Return of the Samurai Surfer!
Shadow High #9 The Return of the Samurai Surfer the Conclusion


Time-Rider as Guest Star and Associated Characters
Davy Crockett and Robin Hood Fought the Law
Astronaut Returns After Being Lost in Space
White Knight Part 2 Escape from Area 51!
White Knight Part 3 The Cyborg Attacks!
The Deadly Robot Menace!
The Deadly Robot Menace Conclusion!

SU Short #11: Time-Rider/Lightning
SU Short #21: Scarlet Archon/Time-Rider
SU Short #22: Shard/Time-Rider
SU Short #23: Spy/Time-Rider
SU Short #24: Spy/Time-Rider/Captain Midnight

 Order The Time Cruisers in The Exodus Trap
Before there was Time-Rider there was just John Martin in the Timeline known as T-Zero. Here in this timeline the Rider was just an agent working for ATTA and FDR. He would never don a mask, but he would travel through time and fight to protect America from the likes of the evil Bastian Wolfe.

To learn more about his adventures Order The Time Cruisers in The Exodus Trap

Book description
A search for a missing scientist, responsible for the Philadelphia Experiment during World War II, takes his son, Ronald Montgomery, and his friends on an exciting, epic-sized time travel adventure through biblical history and beyond.

While on his journey, he must confront incredible odds, facing the likes of Pharaoh's army, and Adolf Hitlerís Nazi soldiers and villainous right hand man, Bastian Wolfe. Joining him on this adventure are his prospective love interest, Mary, his rival for her affections, Mack, Professor Jack Warren, and a mysterious government agent named John Martin.

Along the way, this group of time traveling adventurers will also encounter Noah, Moses, and even the Biblical strong man, Samson. Relive the Bibleís greatest adventures through the eyes of our heroes, and learn the secrets of Americaís underground time travel organization, known as ATTA, sworn to defend America from all enemies, past, present, and future.

It's a thrill ride that spans the centuries and makes you witness to the most spectacular events of all human history!