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DC Comics Super Hero Batman's Batcave Facts & History

According to Who's Who '85 edition the Batcave is located beneath the grounds of Wayne Manor. The cavern was discovered by accident by Bruce Wayne when he fell through a rotted floor in the old manor barn. Wayne equipped the cave with the latest in scientific crime fighting equipment and computers. Within the Batcave are Batman's Batcopter, Batplane, Batmobile, and Bat-boat. Entry to the Batcave from within the manor is through Bruce Wayne's study behind a old grandfather clock. From the comics it's a winding staircase but from the classic Adam West Batman entrance to the cave was by a batpole where Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson would slide down and be instantly transformed into the Caped Crusaders Batman and Robin.

DC Comics Encyclopedia is recommended for those wanting to get information on DC Comics characters. Over 1,000 different characters listed.

Batcave image from DC Comics 1985 edition of Who's Who

Batcave Books

The Batcave has been a very prominent part of Batman's mythos always being an important part of almost any Batman movie or TV interpretation.
Movies: 1943 & 1949 Batman movie serials 
Batman - The Movie 1966 starring Adam West
1989  Batman Returns 1992
starring Michael Keaton as Batman & Jack Nicholson as the Joker
Batman - Mask of the Phantasm animated cartoon 1993
Batman Forever 1995 starring Val Kilmer as Batman ( Just my opinion but I thought this one was the best one.)
Batman & Robin 1997 starring George Clooney as Batman
Batman Begins starring Christian Bale gives us the creation of the Batcave.

Batman tv series 1966-1968 starring Adam West

cartoons: The Batman/Superman Hour 1968 The Adventures of Batman 1969,  Superfriends 1973 with the voices of Olan Soule & Casey Kasem (american top 40, voice of Shaggy on Scooby Doo) as Robin, Adam West takes over as Batman in 1984 on the SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show Adam West and Burt Ward returned together as Batman and Robin in 1977 on the cartoon series
The New Adventures of Batman on CBS (* who could forget Batmite who also starred on this series) Later became the Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour
Batman the Animated Series 1992 - Kevin Conroy as Batman
Batman Beyond 1999 - new Batman takes over with help of the old Batman. Justice League 2001


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Batcave Comic History
Originally, there was only a secret tunnel that ran underground between Wayne Manor and an old barn where the Batmobile and Batplane were kept. Later, in Batman #12 (August-September 1942), Finger mentioned "secret underground hangars". In 1943, the writers of the first Batman movie serial gave the Caped Crusader a complete underground crime lab and introduced it in the first chapter entitled "The Bat's Cave". Bob Kane, who was on the movie set, mentioned this to Bill Finger who was going to be the initial scripter on the BATMAN Daily Newspaper strip. Finger included with his script, a clipping from Popular Mechanics that featured a detailed cross section of underground hangars. Kane used this clipping as a guide, adding the crime lab, stalactites, stalagmites and bats. Thus, the Dark Knight's creators introduced the definitive Batcave in the Batman "dailies" on October 29, 1943; and in January 1944, the Batcave made its comic book debut in Detective Comics #83

Discovered and used long before by Wayne's ancestors as a storehouse as well as a means of transporting escaped slaves during the Civil War era.