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DC Comics Super Hero Green Lantern Facts & Stats 
Green Lantern Wiki for even more info on Green Lantern.  Green Lantern Store

1st Green Lantern (now known as Sentinel)
Real name:
Alan Wellington Scott
Occupation: Broadcasting executive
Base of Operations: New York City, Gotham, Los Angeles
Marital Status:
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 162
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
First Appearance: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #16 (July, 1940)
Price $135,000.00
according to Comics Price Guide

2nd Green Lantern Hal Jordan 
Real name: Harold "Hal" Jordan
Occupation: Test Pilot
Base of Operations: Formerly Coast City, California
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6'
Weight: 186
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
 First Appearance: Showcase #22 (September-October 1959)
Price $6500
according to Comics Price Guide

Real name: Guy Gardner
Occupation: Owner/Manager of Warriors; Adventurer
Base of Operations: New York City
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN (second series) #59 (March, 1968)

John Stewart ( chosen as alternate GL for Hal Jordan)
Real name:
John Stewart
Occupation: Architect
Base of Operations: New York City
Marital Status: Widower
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 210
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN (second series) #87 (January, 1972)
now  advises Kyle Rayner current GL
Green Lantern seen on Cartoon Network's Justice League

Current Green Lantern
Real name:
Kyle Rayner
Occupation: Freelance artist
Base of Operations: New York City
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175
Eyes: Dark green
Hair: Black
First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN #48 (January, 1994)

Powers: Green Lantern's powers are limited to his force of will as his ring is controlled by the limits of his imagination.

1st Green Lantern Alan Scott First Appearance: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #16 (July, 1940) Price $135,000.00 according to Comics Price Guide

First Series Green Lantern #1
according to Comics Price Guide

Hal Jordan First Appearance: Showcase #22 (September-October 1959)
Price $6500
according to Comics Price Guide

Superhero Wiki Entries
Green Lantern

Green Lantern in other media

History: In 1940 while working as an engineer, Alan Scott discovered a mystical lantern that had been carved from an ancient meteor known as the Starheart. Manufacturing a ring from the same lantern, Scott was able to tap into the Starheart's energies, making him the first one to be known as the Green Lantern. During the Zero Hour Crisis his ring was destroyed but over the years his continued exposure to the energy turned his body into a living source of the Starheart energy. He is now known as the Sentinel. He continues to fight crime as a member of the JSA.

The second Green Lantern's origin is different as  Hal Jordan gained his power from a dying Abin Sur Green Lantern Corp member who crash-landed on Earth and ordered his power ring to seek out a suitable successor as Green Lantern of space sector 2814. Test pilot Hal Jordan met the requirements of being both honest and without fear. His Green Lantern's power originates from the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians had created a Green Lantern's Corp to defeat evil across the Universe. Hal Jordan was a founding member of the Justice League. When Hal's city, Coast City was decimated by Mongul and the Cyborg Superman, Hal was denied the power to resurrect the city and its inhabitants by the Guardians. Hal went to Oa to gain enough power to reconstruct Coast City but the Guardians sent the Corp after him. Hal absorbed the energy from the Central Power Battery and changed his name to Parallax. Hal would then try to change the time-space continuum creating the Zero Hour Crisis. He was stopped by the rest of Earth's heroes. Hal would once again be seen as a hero as he gave his life the Earth's Final Night conflict using all his energy to re-ignite the sun. Since then Hal Jordan has reappeared as the Spectre.

Green Lantern Rebirth Update
by Neil from The Central Battery

At the end of the series that featured Kyle, he got attacked by Major Force (the villain who killed his old girlfriend, Alex). MF faked the death of Kyle's mom. After defeating Force, Kyle decided that there was really nothing left for him on Earth so he flew off to space. You find out in GL: Rebirth that he has been patrolling the universe under assignment by Ganthet. You find out that Parallax was actually a living entity made of fear that influenced Hal do kill the Corp. Eventually Kyle, John, Guy, Kilowog, Ganthet, and Hal defeat Parallax and Hal finds his way back to his body. Kyle is now involved in the Rann-Thanagar War, and Hal is the resident GL of Earth and Sector 2814.

Guy Gardner ( Warrior) took over as Green Lantern after the Crisis of Infinite Earths. He later was forced to give up his ring and then found out he had the genes of an extinct Vuldarian race, which granted him incredible powers once they manifested, including the ability to transform any part of his body into a weapon. 

John Stewart was selected as an alternated Green Lantern for Hal Jordan. He had become a full time Lantern but during his career suffered the loss of his wife and was crippled while defending the planet Rann. Hal used his power to heal John before going dying in the Earth's Final Night epic. John currently advised Kyle the current GL.

Kyle Rayner the current Green Lantern did a short stint with the Teen Titans and now fights alongside the Justice League of America. He gets advice from John Stewart and meets up from time to time with former GL Guy Gardner and the Alan Scott (the Sentinel).

Allies: Justice League of America, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Green Lantern Corps, Jade, & Alan Scott

Enemies: Sinestro, Manhunters, Anti-Green Lantern Corps, Cyborg, Demolition Team

Television:  Legends of the Superheroes 1979 2 episode comedy
Justice League tv pilot
1997 never made it to tv

The Challenge of the Super Friends
SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show 1984
Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians 1985
Superfriends dvds

Superman Animated Series
Episode: In Brightest Day... featuring Kyle Rayner
Superman - The Animated Series DVDs
Batman Beyond 2000- The Call , 2 episodes features new Justice League and new Green Lantern in the future

Justice League 2001 - John Stewart GL member of the League Justice League dvds  2001

Duck Dodgers in the 24th and half Century 2003 Episode: The Green Lantoon - Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers who mistakenly picks up Hal Jordan's uniform and ring and becomes a Green Lantern.


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