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Enjoy these Superboy wallpaper pics from the Superboy television series of the 1980's. The tv series ran from 1988-1992. It starred 2 different Superboys - Gerard Christopher and Gerard Christopher, and 2 Lex Luthors - Scott Wells and Sherman Howard.

Superboy DVDs

alternate-dimension.jpg (39124 bytes)
The Sovereign

Taken from the episode "Roads not Taken" where Superboy meets his other self the Sovereign from an alternate dimension. A episode that was a cross between The Time Tunnel and Sliders. The Sovereign rules the world with an iron fist and on this world Lex Luthor is the good guy.

lex-luthor.jpg (28515 bytes)
Death of Lex Luthor
Another image based on the Roads not Taken episode where this world's Superboy kills Lex Luthor.

superboy-rules.jpg (24476 bytes)
Superboy stares at giant sign of the Sovereign

heat-vision.jpg (22487 bytes)
Superboy Wallpaper

lana-lang.jpg (33987 bytes)
Lana Lang

shield.jpg (19408 bytes)

superboy-symbol.jpg (25540 bytes)

silver-symbol.jpg (19310 bytes)
Superboy logos

s-insignia.jpg (16502 bytes)
S on costume

superboy.jpg (29603 bytes)

s-symbol.jpg (11080 bytes)
S Symbol

superboy2.jpg (18570 bytes)
Superboy and Lex's girlfriend

superboy3.jpg (11176 bytes)
Gerard Christopher

superboy-lex-luthor.jpg (35096 bytes)
Lex Luthor


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