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DC Comics Super Hero Jonah Hex Facts & Stats
Jonah Hex Wiki

Real name: Jonah Hex
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Base of Operations:  Old West
First Appearance: All Star Western #10
Price $550.00 near mint
according to Comics Price Guide

All Star Western #10
Price $550.00 near mint
according to Comics Price Guide


Jonah Hex #1
$120.00 Near Mint
according to Comics Price Guide

Superhero Wiki Entry
Jonah Hex

 A scarred ex confederate soldier becomes the greatest bounty hunter of the old west. Jonah grew up with a drunkard for a father who beat him. His face was scarred from a tomahawk. He wore the confederate uniform years after the war was over. He was basically a good guy, but he had no problems killing the bad guys if necessary. He married a Asian woman named Mei Ling and had a son, but she left him because he was unable to lead a normal life without violence. Jonah took upon himself to save a young boy who was kidnapped, but Mei Ling would not except any reason for Jonah to put his six guns back on.

Jonah's book lasted till issue #92 when it was replaced with Hex. Jonah wakes mysteriously in a post apocalyptic world of the future. Somehow I presume Hex makes it back to the past, since his death was already foretold in the 1978 Jonah Hex Spectacular where he's murdered at the age of 66. He's then stuffed and put on display. 

Jonah Hex returned with a few western mini series in the 1990's, and over the years he's managed to run into a few super heroes as well. In Superman/Batman # 16 he actually guns down Superman with Kryptonite bullets. Of course this is an alternate world where President Lex Luthor has a bounty on the heads of Superman and Batman.

superman-comic.jpg (154574 bytes)
View larger readable version of this page from Superman/Batman #16

By the way I highly recommend the Superman/Batman series. Great stuff by Smallville's Jeph Loeb.
See more of Jonah and his run ins with super heroes on the
Jonah Hex Wallpaper page

Media: Television:  
Batman the animated Series Episode "Showdown"
Ra's Al Ghul tells Batman and Robin a tale of his past where he fights Jonah Hex.

batman-jonah2.jpg (26561 bytes)
Old Hex on Batman TAS

bounty-hunter.jpg (20430 bytes)
Jonah Hex on the Justice League Unlimited

Batman - The Animated Series DVDs

Justice League Unlimited Episode"The Once and Future Thing" 
Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman chase a time traveler back to the old west and get help from Jonah Hex, Bat Lash, and El Diablo.
Justice League dvds