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Marvel Super Hero Captain America Facts & Stats

Real Name: Steven Grant Rogers
Occupation: Crimefighter
Group Affiliation: Avengers
Base of Operations: Avengers Mansion, New York City
First Appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (historical, 1941),  Price: $115,000.00
according to Comics Price Guide

Avengers (Vol. 1) #4 (modern, 1964) Price: $2,400 according to Comics Price Guide

Height: 6'2
Weight: 240 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond

Powers: Captain America has strength, agility, and endurance that are enhanced by the Super Soldier Serum. He has mastered a number of fighting skills including an American style judo. 

Weapons: An indestructible shield weighing approximately 12 pounds that can be used for defense and can also be used offensively by being slung through the air at enemies.

History: Steve Rogers grew up in the Great Depression in New York City. Although he was frail and rejected for service in the U.S. Army, he was given a chance to serve his country.

General Chester Phillips offered him a place in a top-secret biological experiment, Operation: Rebirth. Steve Rogers was injected with the experimental Super Soldier Serum and exposed to low-level radiation to enhance the formula’s effectiveness. After combat training Captain America was transferred base to base under the guise of a private in the Army. All the while Cap was thwarting Hitler and the Nazis at every opportunity.

Captain America Comics #1 1941 Price: $115,000.00 
according to Comics Price Guide

Avengers #4
1st appearance of Captain America in the Silver Age of Comics
Price: 2,400
according to Comics Price Guide

Captain America soon gained a partner Bucky Barnes, a teenager who had discovered Cap's secret identity. During the waning days of WWII, a bomb-loaded drone plane launched by Nazi technician Baron Heinrich Zemo exploded with Cap and Bucky aboard, killing the youngster and hurling his mentor unhurt into the icy Arctic. The Super Soldier Serum, combined with the extreme cold of the water, enabled Cap to survive for years in a state of suspended animation. Captain America was rescued years later by the Avengers and became one of their most prominent members.

Captain America has become the people's champion, representing the people of America rather than the government. Since the recent attacks on America, Cap has a even more greater resolve to protect his country and the principles for which she stands.

Enemies: No one hates Captain America more than the Axis Nazi the Red Skull, Cap's enemy from World War II.

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Media: Television
Captain America (1979) (TV Movie) 
Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) (TV Movie) get a copy from Amazon

Captain America
(1966) get a copy from Amazon.

Spider-Man syndicated series (1981) episode 'The Capture of Captain America'.
Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (1981) Cap appeared on 2 episodes " 7 Little Super Heroes", "Pawns of the Kingpin" 
Avengers (1999) episode "Command Decision"

Fox Spider-Man (1994) "Partners In Danger Chapter 2: The Cat" , " Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 3: Secrets of the Six", " Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again" , " Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 5: The Price of Heroism", and the  "Secret Wars"
X-men Evolution (2000) episode "Operation Rebirth"

Captain America
(1944) movie serial get a copy from Amazon.

Captain America 1944 Dick Purcell
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Captain America - Movie Poster - Reproduction - 11" x 17" - Style A
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Captain America (1991) get a copy from Amazon movie went straight to video

Captain America Movie History