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Marvel Super Hero Fantastic Four Wallpaper

Dr. Doom & Thor's Hammer

New Fantastic Four 

by Randy

ffcartoon.jpg (110437 bytes)
Fantastic Four movie comic cover plus a sneak peak at the new upcoming Fantastic Four cartoon

ff-predator.jpg (43628 bytes)
Fantastic Four vs the Predator
By Tyler Bingham

.Mr. T from the A-team and the Thing
Mr. Thing
The picture of the Thing came from the letters page of the Fantastic Four #261 in 1983. The picture of Mister T was added for comparison for all you to young to know who the A-team was.

fantastic-four-movie.jpg (73896 bytes)
The Fantastic Four

By Tyler Bingham

hulk_vsthing.jpg (152511 bytes)
The Thing vs the Hulk
By Tyler Bingham
The ultimate slug fest between the Incredible Hulk and the Thing

fantastic-four-x-men.jpg (86095 bytes)
Fantastic Four and the X-men
By Tyler Bingham

fantasticfour_monsters.jpg (130183 bytes)
Fantastic Four vs the Monster
By Tyler Bingham



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