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Halloween Super Hero Wallpaper
Halloween Fan Art Gallery      

by Randy

by Randy


Scarecrow and the Hobgoblin
by Randy

SpaceKook from Scooby Doo
by Randy

Spider-Man and Dracula
by Tim

Van Helsing Hugh Jackman

Casper and Ghostbusters
by Tim
fantasticfour-godzilla.jpg (77145 bytes)
Fantastic Four vs Godzilla

Casper the friendly ghost and Superman
by Tim

werewolf.jpg (118370 bytes)
Werewolf by Night
By Tyler Bingham

wolf.jpg (151738 bytes)
Tigra & Werewolf
By Tyler Bingham

blade.jpg (143580 bytes)
Blade vs Dracula

Tyler Bingham

Christian Bale Batman & Dracula
by Tyler Bingham

batman-dracula.jpg (70473 bytes)
Batman vs Dracula
By Tyler Bingham

Superman vs Aliens
By Tyler Bingham

wonderwoman.jpg (98928 bytes)
Wonder Woman vs the Dead
By Tyler Bingham

spidey_dracula.jpg (113624 bytes)
Spider-man and Dracula
By Tyler Bingham
Spiderman vs the ultimate monster

vampires.jpg (65879 bytes)
By Tyler Bingham

dracula.jpg (81496 bytes)
Batman vs the Vampires
By Tyler Bingham

batman-scarecrow.jpg (54403 bytes)
Scare Crow
By Tyler Bingham

dracula.jpg (26221 bytes)
Christopher Lee as Ra's Al Ghul
aka  Dracula by Chris Frahme

spiderman-blade.jpg (79428 bytes)
Spider-Man and Blade
By Tyler Bingham


Like to create or draw upload your superhero wallpaper to our fan art gallery.